Overcome Applicant Tracking Systems: Keenan Casavant’s Job Search Success Story

Keenan Casavant embarked on a new job search with a clear focus. He knew that mentoring students and working in an educational environment were his ultimate career aspirations. It took him seven months to overcome applicant tracking systems, identify a new career direction, and secure his next opportunity. Keenan recommends staying persistent and finding tools… Read more »

3 Things Everyone Should Know About the Changing Workforce

The workforce has changed. Office layouts have been redesigned from cubicles to open offices. Job security seems to have disappeared. You can’t look at the news without seeing something about the increase in remote and part-time work, advances in artificial intelligence (and its older sibling, automation), and the rise of part-time work and the gig… Read more »

Catch More Job Opportunities by Casting a Wide Net, Kali Pauling’s Job Search Success Story

Kali Pauling spent over four weeks looking for a new job, and that does not take into consideration the extra month Kali spent submitting additional application requirements. Instead of getting stuck dwelling on missed opportunities, Kali considered every job app and job interview an opportunity for learning and growth. Kali recommends casting a wide net… Read more »

Build Community: 5 Women’s Networking Groups in Seattle

In today’s workforce, women face unique and ever-evolving challenges. It helps to have other working women in your life to share struggles, brainstorm ideas, and help each other with career opportunities and advice. Build a strong “inner circle” of fellow female professionals, and you’ll reap a community that will help advance your career for years… Read more »

Setting Clear Priorities and Knowing Your Purpose: Jennifer Eskridge’s Job Search Success Story

Jennifer Eskridge’s biggest job search challenge was giving herself the time and space to rediscover her career purpose. Jennifer was able to re-engage with her professional network more intentionally, re-commit to her career path, and stick to a clear career focus, all while pursuing contract work. Read Jennifer’s success story for more career advice, plus,… Read more »

How to Revamp Your Resume To Explain A Career Change

In today’s job market, career changes are inevitable. Whether it’s an organizational shift in your current company or a personal decision to head in a different direction, updating your resume to reflect your career change is imperative. The average employee changes jobs ten-15 times throughout his or her life, but the key is to build… Read more »

Staying Open to New Possibilities: Maggie O’Connor’s Job Search Success Story

Maggie O’Connor was a nonprofit fundraising consultant for over a decade. Last April, she received an opportunity to work full-time with a local nonprofit. Although she was hesitant at first to return to the full-time working world, she stayed open to the possibility and found that it was the right fit for her. In addition… Read more »

Creative Recruiting Strategies That Work

Both employers and job seekers have grown tired of the same old recruiting process. Posting jobs via social media has become commonplace. LinkedIn is cluttered with recruiters near and far who may or may not be actively hiring. Job boards are the industry standard, but applicants often find this route impersonal, with hiring managers hidden… Read more »

Tailor Your Resume for a New Industry: Ashlan Glazier-Anderson’s Job Search Success Story

Ashlan Glazier-Anderson made the leap from the for-profit sector to nonprofit work. She started by researching the nonprofit field and identifying similar job descriptions to her current role. Then, she focused on the details and tailored her resume to highlight the relevant skills, and customized her cover letter to include specific industry keywords. Ashlan recommends… Read more »

Becoming Known To Uncover New Career Avenues: Meghan Sinnott’s Job Search Success Story

Meghan Sinnott left her previous position in 2017. For over a year, Meghan dabbled in contract work, volunteering, and dedicated her time to supporting local community organizations and nonprofits. Meghan says her biggest setback was self-doubt. She had confidence in her ability to succeed, but she did not know how to convey her strengths and… Read more »

Employer Branding in the Pacific Northwest: Examples from Local Companies

Here in the Pacific Northwest, qualified, hireable candidates are in high demand. In this competitive job market, employer branding can make or break a candidate’s decision to accept a job offer. Developing an effective employer brand is not as simple as designing a snappier company logo with brighter colors. Your employer brand is the overarching… Read more »

Learning New Skills To Uncover New Opportunities: Kenji Sekino’s Job Search Success Story

Breaking into a new industry can be difficult when you do not have a foundation of skills to fall back on. Kenji Sekino‘s biggest hurdle in his job search was landing a technical role despite having limited training and educational background in coding and software development. To learn the right skills, Kenji took the initiative… Read more »

Investing Your Time Wisely: Christy Cushing’s Job Search Success Story

Christy Cushing spent her four month job search reaching out to professionals contacts, meeting with a career counselor, and listening to the Find Your Dream Job podcast. After a series of 20 interviews for various positions, Christy decided to invest her time in the positions that actually had more to offer, versus taking every possible… Read more »

From Portland to Denmark: Bjarke Kronborg’s Job Search Success Story

Bjarke Kronborg has spent his career working for various organizations in Portland, Oregon and Denmark. In his most recent job search, Bjarke started by identifying appealing job positions. Then, he researched the employers on LinkedIn. Finally, Bjarke searched his connections for mutual contacts at the company to get an insider’s perspective on the companies’ challenges… Read more »

10 Ways to Lose a Candidate in a Tight Job Market

Work has changed. Since the beginning of the industrial age, we’ve moved from factories to remote workspaces; from industrial and labor relations into people operations; from pensions to the gig economy. The way people look for work has changed too, with a trend toward online job boards, ATS applications, and video interview screens. In today’s… Read more »

Networking with Intention: Stephanie Raso’s Job Search Success Story

Stephanie Raso found her job primarily through networking and volunteering. Despite being nervous about networking in the beginning, Stephanie stayed committed to an active approach to tap into the hidden job market and found new opportunities. Stephanie emphasizes the importance of knowing your limits, and when it’s time to take a break and find time… Read more »

How to Write a Salary Negotiation Email

Approaching a salary negotiation, whether a few years into your job or at the start of your tenure, requires thought and preparation. Clear communication is key, and research into the local job market and standard compensation for your role is crucial for tailoring your ask. There are two times at which a salary negotiation email… Read more »

The State of the Portland Job Seeker 2019: Local Candidates are Available, and Skeptical

In 2019, most people talk about the job market in terms of hiring. Employers are dealing with worker shortages, struggling with shrinking applicant pools, even getting ghosted by their employees. Unemployment hovers around all-time lows here in the greater Portland region. So most people just assume that workers are celebrating with multiple job offers, healthy… Read more »

Careers in Seattle and Portland: Working in the Pacific Northwest

From Mt. Rainier to Mt. Hood, working in the Pacific Northwest is a dream for many. With Seattle and Portland leading the pack, residents along the I-5 corridor have a bevy of professional opportunities to choose from. As observed in recent job market trends, Pacific Northwest careers will continue to see great growth moving forward…. Read more »

The Hidden Costs of Recruitment

Looking to hire for a new position? Adding new employees to your team can be both a rewarding and challenging experience. While a new recruit brings added value to the team, hidden recruitment costs can upset an already tight budget. When hiring for a new role, it’s important to know what recruitment costs you’ll incur… Read more »