Mac's List, with an HQ in downtown Portland and remote workers in various places, cares about the community and what's happening. As a certified B Corp, we’re part of a global movement to use business as a force for social good. Our mission is to make the hiring process more human, for both job seekers and employers.

Mac’s List was created in 2001 by Mac Prichard, who still runs the business today. It all started after Mac started emailing job openings to a few dozen friends and colleagues. People loved getting those emails and the list slowly grew through word of mouth. We leveled up to an email newsletter and a simple jobs website, and Mac made it official in 2014 when he got a business license and hired the first-ever Mac’s List employee.

Today, we offer a full-service platform for job seeking and hiring in the Pacific Northwest. We are a small team of remote, dedicated professionals working to help local job seekers and employers connect through high-quality job listings, accessible advice, and real conversations.

Mac's List stopped posting news events during the Covid closures, but we are gearing up to begin posting news again, starting with the results of our 2023 Employer and Job-Seeker surveys we recently conducted. Check back here to read the latest findings!