Mac’s List Goes to the Dogs with New Job Board for Pets


Portland, Oregon –  Mac’s List, already known as the Pacific Northwest’s premier job board for humans, is expanding its reach to a new audience. Today, Mac’s List announces the launch of its newest product: Mutts List, a job board exclusively for Portland pets.

Mutts List will focus on meaningful and financially rewarding opportunities for dogs, cats, and other furry, feathery, and scaly creatures.

Why a job board for animals? Because four legs work just as well as two!™

“Whether you’re someone who needs animal labor, or you just want your pet out of the house, my Mutts List is the right place to go,” says Mac Prichard, founder and publisher of Mac’s List. “Need a tenacious terrier to solve your mole problem? Post on our site! Is your goat looking for a day job, clearing brush? He’ll find plenty of overgrown lots on our Portland-based job board.”

One lucrative career for pets is animal acting, where performers can earn thousands of dollars for a given role. But acting is just small kibble from a larger bowl of opportunity in animal employment. Pets can find rewarding gigs in a variety of industries and jobs. Current job announcements on the list include:

  • Carnival Barker
  • Plumbing Snake
  • Work Horse
  • Grease Monkey
  • Hare Stylist

Charged with leading this new business is Mac’s eight-year-old Weimaraner, Kaiser, a familiar face in the Portland park scene. Recognized for his keen nose for sniffing out hidden jobs, Kaiser (known as Kai within his pack) was seemingly bred for this role.

Laconic to a fault, Kai offers a direct, pointed approach to employment issues. When asked about the local job scene for pets, he responded simply by saying: “Rough!”. His best advice to any four-legged job seeker emphasizes being a good dog and impressing the alpha with tricks. In his own words, “Bow. Wow.”

Despite the many challenges ahead, both Kai and Mac are excited about the future. “I am wildly optimistic about the job prospects for pets throughout our region,” reports Mac. “I’m confident every dog, iguana, parakeet, and ferret can find gainful employment through Mutts List.”

“But probably not cats,” he adds quickly. “Let’s face it… cats are pretty lazy.”

About Mutts List

Mutts List is the premier job board for pets in the Pacific Northwest. With tens of jobs for your pet to choose from, they’ll find rewarding, engaging, work that helps them feel like “a good boy” every day of the year. Learn more about Mutts List at

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