Our Mission

Mission: Make the hiring process more human

Mac’s List connects job seekers and employers, so together they can make better employment decisions, grow successful organizations, and build meaningful careers. We do this with educational resources, local professional-level job listings, and community-building activities.

We help job seekers. We don’t just post jobs online. Mac’s List helps professionals find and land rewarding work by teaching them job search skills. We share local career opportunities through our job board. We also teach job seekers how to discover jobs that never get posted by investing in personal relationships, building their professional networks, and staying in touch with others. We strive to inform job seekers about how hiring works and what employers want, so they can be well-prepared candidates ready to interview and land the job.

We help employers. Mac’s List helps employers discover and hire qualified, passionate candidates. We share hiring best practices and local job market expertise with hiring professionals, so they can achieve their goals of hiring a skilled, diverse, and engaged workforce. Our employer resources help hiring managers understand and respect job seekers, so when those candidates become employees, they’ll be happy, productive, and loyal.

Vision: More human hiring processes for happier work lives and healthier communities.

To achieve a system of work where everyone wins, Mac’s List will work to break down the communication barriers between job seekers and hiring managers that limit and frustrate hiring processes. When people on both sides of the hiring process do the worthwhile work of practicing empathy and building sustainable professional relationships, work will be happier, healthier, and more human.

Our Values: Authenticity, Empathy, Transparency, Relationships, Service

Authenticity. Share hard, proven truths delivered without sugar coating.

There are no quick fixes to building rewarding careers and effective teams, and we’ll never give you advice we wouldn’t use ourselves. We don’t talk down to job seekers or employers. We challenge them to do better with honest, qualified advice. We share the hard truths and answers about looking for work and hiring. The information we share on Mac’s List is driven by firsthand and expert knowledge of what works in building successful, happy careers. It’s not always the easiest, but it is what we’ve found to be most effective in building a more rewarding career.

Our dedication to authenticity extends to the listings we share on our job board. We don’t publish positions from unknown sources. We know the organizations that post on our job board, and we make sure all listings offer real, quality work opportunities.

Empathy. We understand and we will work to help make it better.

There’s a communication barrier between job seekers and employers. The power dynamic shifts with the unemployment rate, but there’s always conflict between the two groups. We encourage job seekers and employers to practice empathy toward each other. We show them how to break down barriers, remove friction, and work together so they’ll actually meet each other’s needs in the long run.

Transparency. Lift the curtain and abolish hiring “secrets”.

For most people, the way companies source, screen, and hire new employees is largely a mystery. Poor communication can contribute to a lack of trust – and sometimes downright antagonism – between job seekers and employers.

Mac’s List strives to demystify the hiring process by educating job seekers about every phase of the process and offering actionable advice on how they can best navigate and succeed within these systems. We also encourage the employers who use our services to follow established and evolving best practices. Improved hiring processes reduce uncertainty, distrust, and bias that persist in traditional hiring processes. Ultimately, transparency benefits both job seekers and employers.

Relationships. Do the right thing, share value, and build trust.

Our founder, Mac Prichard, started Mac’s List in 2001 as a simple email for a few dozen colleagues. He wanted to build relationships and share work opportunities with his professional peers in Oregon. The list grew slowly through word-of-mouth for years. Now, nearly two decades later, relationships remain at the center of what we do as a business.

To this day, our success is rooted in building long-term connections with the people who use our site, both job seekers and employers. We strive to be a helpful, available advisor for professionals looking for work, and a trusted, consultative partner for employers.

We make this relationship-based model happen by delivering value first: through free advice, articles, and webinars; by hosting and sponsoring professional networking events; and by partnering with other like-minded organizations in the community. This approach to business mirrors the central message in our job search strategies and advice: you’ll find success by building strong professional relationships and delivering real value to the people around you.

Service. Serve others, and the rest will take care of itself.

The resources we share with our customers and the way we do business are both rooted in the same concept: be of service, and the rest will take care of itself. When we make business decisions, we ask ourselves, “Will this serve our community?” If the answer is no, we won’t do it.