Mac’s List Unveils Free Volunteer Recruitment Posts


Mac’s List, the Pacific Northwest’s premier job board connecting skilled professionals to meaningful work, now offers complimentary listings for organizations seeking volunteer support. Nonprofits, public agencies and private employers can now use Mac’s List to recruit local volunteers for free.

Previously a paid service, Mac’s List chose to stop charging for volunteer posts to promote community service and support job seekers. Volunteer listing are a way for mission-driven organizations to find great volunteers, and for local professionals to contribute to the community, build skills, and get experience.

“I encourage everyone to make volunteering a part of a job search and ongoing career development,” says Mac Prichard, founder and publisher of Mac’s List. “It’s a great way to support local organizations, make new connections, and show others what you can do. Free volunteer postings on Mac’s List is a win-win, both for organizations who need help  and for professionals looking to showcase their abilities.”

With 40,000 skilled and passionate monthly readers, and hundreds of the best jobs in Oregon, Mac’s List is a natural place for promote and find volunteer opportunities.  

Organizations looking for volunteer help, including time, expertise, or labor, can now post their volunteer listings absolutely free. To get started, visit

About Mac’s List

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