Employer Branding in the Pacific Northwest: Examples from Local Companies

Here in the Pacific Northwest, qualified, hireable candidates are in high demand. In this competitive job market, employer branding can make or break a candidate’s decision to accept a job offer. Developing an effective employer brand is not as simple as designing a snappier company logo with brighter colors. Your employer brand is the overarching message you present to the world. It’s a combination of your community service efforts, your office culture, and the company benefits that set your business apart from others.

In a tight job market, building a strong employer brand that captures the heart and soul of your company is critical. Fifty-nine percent of businesses see employer branding as a vital part of their overall hiring strategy, with 55 percent making it a top priority. Job seekers are more selective about where they work. They are seeking out opportunities at trusted companies who align with their personal and professional interests. Solidifying and refining your employer brand is the first step to attracting more qualified candidates.

A comprehensive, transparent employer brand establishes trust and creates a memorable first impression. Today’s job seekers are paying attention to the story your brand is telling before they even consider applying for your jobs. Over 75 percent of candidates will review a company’s website, social media communities, and management bios before submitting their resumes. Whether you’re currently hiring or planning for new hires down the road, you need to verify if the story your company is sharing is the best possible representation of your employer brand.

Building a better employer brand starts with a few key organizational audits, research, and evaluations.

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Conduct an audit of your employer brand.

  • Complete an audit of your current employer brand, including website content, social media, digital communities, and partnerships.
  • Does your overall message outline the company’s mission and values?
  • Can a prospective applicant gain a full understanding of company culture and direction?

Research your reputation internally and externally.

  • Create a discussion with current employees to evaluate whether your branding is missing the mark.
  • Compare your employer brand to that of your competitors and establish what needs to be improved.
  • Create an EVP – Employee Value Proposition. Detail what genuinely makes your company different. Try to answer the question, “Why would an employee want to work here?”

Evaluate your branding efforts.

  • Be sure your employer brand (how job seekers see you) is consistent with your company brand (how the public sees you).
  • Coordinate with your marketing and communications teams to ensure a consistent message across all platforms.
  • Utilize analytics to review outreach. Gather information on brand success through employee surveys and feedback, social engagement, and visitor numbers. Take time to consider hiring and retention statistics.

Pacific Northwest Employers with Great Employer Branding

There’s no scientific formula for creating the perfect employer brand, each company has their own style and techniques. For additional employer branding ideas, here are five local Pacific Northwest employers who have established reputable employer brands. Each of these brands has tried new, creative strategies to build a trusting, authentic reputation.


Location: Portland, OR

Portland’s office furniture hub features a commitment to ergonomics and sustainability across their employer branding, from social media to website content. Fully presents company transparency on their “About Us” page, outlining a pledge to earth-friendly business practices, community involvement, and partner guidelines. As an introduction to its open positions, Fully also details a promise to employee diversity.

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Location: Vancouver, WA

Vancouver’s well-known sports equipment leader features a list of employee benefits directly on their website, including plenty of health-related perks. By offering benefit information upfront, job candidates know what to expect when they apply for a role. A “Life At Nautilus” page presents awards won for building a fitness-friendly office environment.

MadFish Digital

Location: Portland, OR

This creative agency features a strong employer brand on their website, with both “Community” and “Culture” pages displaying what candidates can expect when they come on board. A commitment to local organizations is included, along with a full accountability report outlining workplace diversity and inclusion goals.

Logical Position

Location: Lake Oswego, OR

Community activities, company values, and office culture are prominent within Logical Position’s digital presence. Employee bios offer the opportunity to learn about current staff members. A Glassdoor rating ranks at the top of the “Careers” page, and a brief survey provides details on employee satisfaction.


Location: Portland, OR

It’s difficult to make data services seem welcoming, but Zapproved does an impressive job of defining their culture and mission with plenty of images and information. Amongst their job listings, you’ll find thorough details outlining their beliefs and community activities. Leadership bios offer insight to management, along with event photos, and a list of awards and recognition received for technology advancements and office culture.

Managing your employer branding is essential for hiring success. With these tips, tricks, and employer branding examples, you can create a winning message that impresses new hires and provides value for your current employees.