Your Guide to the Top Career Podcasts of 2022

More than two years into the pandemic, many people are rethinking their relationship to work and exploring different career paths. But how do you find the time to build and grow your ideal work life? For busy professionals, career podcasts can offer an excellent solution. Since starting the Find Your Dream Job career podcast in… Read more »

Six Tips for Making a Successful Career Change, with Laurie Erdman

Statistics show that people change careers around a half-dozen times over the span of their working lives. No matter how many times you switch jobs, you will face obstacles. Silencing your internal objections and taking concrete action, says Find Your Dream Job guest Laurie Erdman, are the first steps towards a successful career change. Laurie… Read more »

How to Craft a Job Posting that Attracts Great Candidates: Top Tips from Three Local Experts

The workplace has changed so much in the last few years. Employers everywhere have struggled with the pandemic’s uncertainty, adapting their hiring practices in real-time. But hiring new talent still starts with your company culture and creating a compelling job listing on your website or a job board. And this time has created an opportunity… Read more »

Be Precise in What You Want: Daniel Thornton’s Job Search Success Story

In this job search success story, Daniel Thornton, a training associate with Management Systems International, shares how he leveraged his knowledge and connections to enter his ideal field.  What do you do for a career? Who do you work for? I work for Management Systems International, an international development firm. My job is a branch… Read more »

Networking Opens New Opportunities: Melissa Erickson’s Job Search Success Story

In this job search success story, Melissa Erickson, the Director of Development at Saturday Academy, shares how networking allowed her to feel confident in her skills and access job opportunities she wouldn’t have otherwise. What do you do for a career? Who do you work for?  I am a fundraising professional. I am a Director… Read more »

Fundraising for Social Justice: Em Bookstein’s Job Search Success Story

In this job search success story, Em Bookstein, the Development Coordinator at Next Up, shares how they took time to examine their strengths, and pivoted from software engineering to nonprofit fundraising and development. What do you do for a career? I feel excited and privileged to say that nonprofit fundraising and development is now my… Read more »

How to Attract and Retain Talent in a Tight Labor Market

As the U.S. continues to recover from COVID-19, many employers are discussing how to attract talent during a labor shortage and how to prevent the Great Resignation from happening at their organizations. In this competitive labor market, it’s important to update your hiring and recruitment practices so that you don’t lose out on talented candidates.  Right… Read more »

Your Guide to the Top Career Podcasts of 2021

There are so many ways to build and grow your ideal work life, but sometimes it’s hard to find the time. Luckily, career podcasts offer a solution for professionals who want to hear new ideas. In 2017, I created my inaugural Top Career Podcasts Guide: a single source for the best shows dedicated to helping… Read more »

The Future of Work is Hybrid: Here’s How to Ease the Transition

After more than a year of remote work, many employers are planning hybrid work models. Business leaders tout this combination of in-office and remote work as a safe and flexible way for teams to transition into post-COVID work life. It’s a setup that allows employees to collaborate and build relationships with their colleagues while maintaining… Read more »

Every Conversation is an Opportunity: Liz McBride’s Job Search Success Story

In this job search success story, Liz McBride, the senior technical recruiter at Atlassian, shares how she found her role by staying in touch with former colleagues and nurturing professional relationships.   What do you do for a career? I’m the Senior Technical Recruiter focused on Product; basically, I look for awesome Product Managers who… Read more »

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: Why Empathy Matters Now More Than Ever

Emotional intelligence in the workplace was a popular topic long before COVID-19 bore down. After the compounding crises of the past couple of years, it’s not surprising it continues to be in the spotlight. Many of us have learned how empathy cultivates more humane and understanding workplaces. And empathy is a crucial aspect of emotional… Read more »

How to Overcome Digital Overload: 4 Tips to Support Your Team

When you and your team are juggling Zoom meetings, emails, Slack messages, and day-to-day projects, it can feel hard to peel away and find balance. Many offices are approaching the year mark of working from home during COVID-19, and they’re feeling exhausted by so much screen time.  Larry Rosen and Alexandra Samuel wrote in Harvard… Read more »

Recruitment Trends for 2021: What to Expect in the New Year

A 2020 marked by COVID-19, economic strife, and racial justice protests has challenged and transformed workplaces everywhere. After a tumultuous year, employers are looking ahead to what they can expect for recruitment trends in 2021. Despite the pandemic’s continued uncertainty, it’s becoming increasingly clear how workplace changes will carry forward into the future. From the… Read more »

Taking Care of Your Team: How to Support Your Employees This Winter

After a stressful couple of years, many employees are struggling to keep their morale up. Sixty-seven percent of workers believe that the pandemic has worsened burnout, and 53 percent of virtual or work-from-home employees report working longer hours, according to a survey by Indeed.  As an employer, your small acts of kindness and understanding have… Read more »