4 Tips for Employers: Top Advice We’re Taking into the New Year

The pandemic changed so much about how we live and work. Amid the workplace uncertainty, it became clear that company culture, flexibility, professional development, and equitable hiring practices go a long way in attracting and retaining talent. Here are four employer tips we’re taking with us into the new year that we hope will help you and your organization thrive.

Focus on Flexibility

Job seekers have become more discerning about finding opportunities that align with their values and allow them flexibility. A recent LinkedIn report found that flexibility was job seekers’ fastest-growing priority. With LinkedIn’s new filters for remote and hybrid work, 65 percent of filtered searches were for remote-only roles.

By this year (2024), mobile workers were expected to account for 60 percent of the U.S. workforce. One of the best ways to attract and retain talent is to offer flexible working accommodations, whether that’s a hybrid model (part remote, part in-office), flexible hours that accommodate childcare and other caregiving responsibilities, or total freedom to set their own schedules.

Along with flexibility, you can promote robust work-life balance through your PTO policies. Encourage employees to take vacations, offer paid holidays, and create other opportunities for self-care and time away to recharge.

Benefits of offering a flexible schedule

  • A healthier, better rested, and less stressed workplace leads to higher employee satisfaction, increased productivity, and better retention.
  • Cost savings for the company with reduced office overhead.
  • Flexible scheduling can improve team communication.

Company Culture is Key 

Hiring new talent still starts with your company culture. Employees continue to seek out jobs that offer not just financial rewards, but a great workplace culture, empathetic leadership, and professional development or career growth opportunities. 

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The hiring process needs to be compelling, from the moment job seekers land on your website to their hire. This is your opportunity to appeal to their emotions, highlighting who you are and what you need in the person you hire.

Showcase why someone wants to work for you with photos, videos, and testimonials highlighting your benefits. You want to send a strong message to job seekers that your company is a great place for them to work. Help them imagine themselves in the role.

Ideas of what to highlight

  • What does the day-to-day work environment look like?
  • What kind of benefits are you offering that are above and beyond what other employers offer?
  • Where are you in your equity journey, and where do you aspire to be in the future?

Retain and Train Talent 

Now more than ever, retaining talent is crucial. One way to do this is through professional development and training. 

LinkedIn data finds that employees with high internal mobility stay at their companies almost two times longer. While the average employee tenure at companies with low internal mobility is 2.9 years, it’s 5.4 years at companies with high internal mobility. 

Another consideration to make is offering a 4-day work week. Under a 4-day work week, employees are more likely to pursue skill building with extra free time and energy. This can translate to increased productivity, a more robust talent pool, and better retention rates for employers. 

Ideas for continuing education benefits

  • In-house seminars and trainings 
  • A LinkedIn Learning account
  • A yearly stipend toward learning, training, and development 
  • Assistance with career planning, including identifying stretch projects, educational opportunities, conferences, mentorship programs, and tuition allowance  
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Rethink Your Must-Haves

Forty-nine percent of recruiters reported that candidates are asking about a company’s DEI initiatives when interviewing, according to a recent Recruiter Nation Report. Jobvite details how recruiters who are committed to their DEI goals need to help create a supportive environment where all employees feel safe to ask for flexibility and growth opportunities from employers.

Start by making your job requirements more accessible and equitable. You can broaden your talent pool by ditching degree requirements for professional positions that don’t truly require a formal college education. Unnecessary degree requirements can perpetuate hiring biases and often decrease the diversity of candidate pools

According to recent LinkedIn data, the share of managers hired without a 4-year degree increased 20% in 2021 compared to 2019. Many employers are prioritizing competency over credentials.

Tips to make job listings more accessible

  • Be inclusive when it comes to years of experience and education required to widen the candidate pool. 
  • Encourage a diverse candidate pool by making gender-neutral word choices, including where you are in your equity journey, and focusing on value-add instead of fit. 
  • Does the image you project encourage job seekers to imagine themselves on your team?

Wherever you are in your journey as an employer, these four tips can help you to grow as a leader and create a better work environment for your team. Try to keep this advice top of mind as we enter a new year and continue to navigate the pandemic.