Working in Seattle

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According to, Seattle is the chief city of the state of Washington, the seat (1853) of King county, the largest metropolis of the Pacific Northwest, and one of the largest and most affluent urban centers in the United States. A major port of entry and an air and sea gateway to Asia and Alaska, Seattle lies alongside Puget Sound, a deep inland arm of the northern Pacific Ocean, and is at the center of a conurbation that is defined roughly by Everett to the north, Bellevue to the east, and Tacoma to the south.

Seattle was formerly the headquarters for the Boeing Company, the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial aircraft and among the largest exporters in the country in the second half of the 20th century. Although Boeing relocated to Chicago in 2001, much of the company’s airplane production is still based in Seattle. The largest manufacturer in the Seattle area is the Microsoft Corporation, the world’s largest maker of computer operating systems and applications such as word-processing and spreadsheet programs.

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