Mac’s List is a Pacific Northwest job board driven by a simple idea: the hiring process should be more human. When we break down the barriers between employers and job seekers, everybody wins. To achieve a system of work where everyone wins, Mac’s List works to break down the communication barriers between job seekers and hiring managers that limit and frustrate hiring processes. When people on both sides of the hiring process do the worthwhile work of practicing empathy and building sustainable professional relationships, work will be happier, healthier, and more human.

Our founder, Mac Prichard, started Mac’s List for Portland jobs in 2001 as a simple email for a few dozen colleagues. He wanted to build relationships and share work opportunities with his professional peers in Oregon. The list grew slowly through word-of-mouth for years. Now, more than two decades later, relationships remain at the center of what we do as a business.

As the top career resource for passionate professionals in Oregon, and Washington, we focus on sharing high-quality job listings and actionable resources that help people find and land the jobs they deserve. As a certified B Corp, we’re part of a global movement to use business as a force for social good. Our mission: to make the hiring process more human, for both job seekers and employers. We offer a full-service platform for job seeking and hiring in the Pacific Northwest. We are a small team of dedicated professionals working to help local job seekers and employers connect through high-quality job listings, accessible advice, and real conversations. Whether you’re looking for the right job, direction in your career, or your next new hire, the Mac’s List team is here to help.

To facilitate your job search or your efforts at recruiting the best talent, Mac's List partners with organizations around the world to offer the best career resources, courses, and tools to both job seekers and employers. Check out our partner resources below.