Create Job Listings That Convert

Your job listing is your first impression. Make sure it inspires candidates to take action with these 10 data-driven tips!

60% of candidates start their search by looking at job listings online. Does your listing strategy convert quality applicants? Download Job Listings That Convert and get 10 data-driven tips to make your job listings more effective. Learn what works to convince candidates to apply for your position, and discover the essential info you must include in every listing if you want to attract and hire qualified applicants.

After 18+ years in the job board business, Mac’s List has put together this list of best practices to help employers optimize the return on investment you get on your job listings.

Once you download Job Listings That Convert, you’ll learn how to define how you’ll measure success; use clear job titles; why it’s important to always include a salary range; promote your benefits package; emphasize your company culture; why you should post early in the week; how to avoid biased language; how to focus on the most important requirements; how to give clear application instructions; how best to communicate with applicants; and how to track your sources.

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