Lumina: Video Job Postings

Convert text-only job postings into short, branded videos—called video job postings—with Lumina.

Employers compete fiercely for candidates but text only job descriptions often fail to inspire. Lumina generates custom-branded video job postings that help companies attract talent. These are 30-second videos highlighting the role and, according to evidence, attracting more applicants while showing your brand in the best light.

Spice up your Mac’s List job posting with a custom-branded video embedded on the page. Case studies have shown that Lumina videos can increase reach, engagement, and number of applicants. For only $295 per video and with a 24 hour turnaround time, Lumina video job postings are a cost effective way to turbocharge your recruiting.

If you decide to work with Lumina, the first step will be to configure a Brand Template for your brand, customizing colors, tone and content. Want to highlight Benefits instead of Requirements for your video job postings? Want to highlight Location? Values? Lumina can customize the template to your needs and craft a message that is clear, concise and compelling to candidates. Although the images, audio and words will change from role to role, Lumina will maintain brand alignment and consistency.

Ready to get started or want to learn more? Contact Director of Sales, Ann Bergstrom at