8 Great Nonprofit Networking Opportunities for Seattle Professionals

If you’re looking to advance your nonprofit career in Seattle, or you want to transition into the nonprofit sector, the single best thing you can do is network. Networking is the most effective to connect with your peers, make yourself known among industry leaders, and find hidden opportunities for meaningful employment.

Seattle is a growing hub of nonprofit organizations and, as a result, there are more opportunities than ever to grow your network. Here is a list of Seattle networking opportunities for nonprofit professionals so you can make new connections, attend and volunteer at more local events, and build a better network.

YNPN Seattle

If you’re a college graduate or young professional looking to find work in the nonprofit sector YNPN Seattle is a great place to start. The Seattle chapter of Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN) is dedicated to helping young professionals break into the nonprofit world through networking opportunities, educational resources, training sessions and more. Start serving local nonprofits and building community by becoming a YNPN member. Membership is currently free, and all you need to do to join is show up for their next event.  

Washington Nonprofits

Washington Nonprofits is an association established to help nonprofit organizations grow and succeed by connecting them with educational resources, influencing policymakers, and connecting nonprofits with viable solutions. They are heavily involved with hundreds of nonprofits and can help connect you with dozens of credible nonprofit employers. Washington Nonprofits also hosts an annual conference for nonprofit professionals from all over the state to meet with local leaders, network with fellow professionals, and discover how to create change.  

501 Commons

501 Commons helps over 1,000 nonprofits across Washington by providing consulting services, human resources experts, accounting services, additional training opportunities and more. Check their events calendar for upcoming networking opportunities.

Nonprofit Assistance Center

The Nonprofit Assistance Center is a resource for local nonprofits and community-driven organizations by providing opportunities for coaching and collaboration. It strives to create an environment where nonprofit professionals can unite to find common ground and join efforts to create change in the community. They host educational clinics and webinars for professionals and organizations.

Emerging Leaders – United Way of King County

Emerging Leaders, a national program by United Way, is a great opportunity for like-minded professionals to connect and build their networks through volunteering. The King County group is especially active, and you can get on their email list to stay abreast of new opportunities, which range from learning events to casual networking meetups to group volunteering. Give back while you grow your network!

AFP Advancement Northwest

The Association of Fundraising Professionals is a career hub for professionals who focus on raising money for nonprofit causes. It offers career resources on a variety of topics including career planning, professional training, research assistance, plus a frequently updated calendar of networking events. By becoming a member, you can network with fellow nonprofit fundraisers, advance your career development, and brush up your leadership skills.

Net Impact Seattle

Net Impact Seattle is a networking group for nonprofit professionals who are passionate about social responsibility, and socially-conscious organizations. They host annual community events, social networking events, happy hours, sustainability forums and more.

Seattle Works

Seattle Works mission is to bring together and energize young nonprofit professionals to make an impact in their city. Their volunteer calendar is a great place to get a preview of upcoming opportunities where you can help lend a hand at local gardens, farms, soup kitchens, and more.