Seattle Business Networking Events from 8 Top Organizations

Building a career in Seattle? It’s time to learn the power of networking. Whether you’re new to Seattle or looking to make a change in your career, there’s no time like the present to meet new people, learn new things, and dive deeper into your chosen field. But in a big city like Seattle, it can be hard to know which networking opportunities will be valuable for you.

Often, it’s best to start with a group of like-minded professionals who are already meeting up regularly. From there, you can learn from your peers about other great events, volunteer opportunities, and even job openings that could move your career forward!

Ready to start networking? Use the list below to learn more about some of the most well-established Seattle business networking groups. These are folks who host regular events for professionals around the city, so check out their websites for event calendars and other announcements. Happy networking!

Networking in Seattle

Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce

Connect with business leaders and stay in the know as the city grows by attending Chamber events. They host over 300 events each year! Seattle’s largest business association hosts a huge variety of events, many of which aren’t career-focused. But, these events are a great opportunity to meet people who share your professional interests. And with multiple events going on every week, you have lots of choices.

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Young Professionals of Seattle

If you’re looking to meet friendly, engaged professionals of all stripes in Seattle, check out Young Professionals of Seattle. They host a fun mix of professional networking and social events to help you thaw the so-called Seattle Freeze and grow your personal and professional networks! Check out their monthly Last Tuesday happy hour event, and don’t let the “Young” in their name turn you off. According to their website, “How old is “young”? We don’t really care… but if you’re active and passionate about entrepreneurship, business, networking or simply forwarding your career, then join our community.”

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Professional Networking in Seattle: By Industry

Advertising – AAF Seattle

AAF Seattle is the Western Washington chapter of the American Advertising Federation, which is a great destination for anyone building their career in advertising, marketing, and design. Luckily for Seattlites, the regional AAF chapter is well-run and active, with lots of different ways to get involved, learn about the industry, and build your network. Their events calendar features a variety of options, but AAF Seattle typically hosts at least one event a month!

Finance – Northwest Association of Financial Professionals

The regional chapter of the Association of Financial Professionals has been serving the financial workers of the Puget Sound for more than 30 years! They offer a monthly meeting for members featuring different professional development topics, as well as resources and opportunities to gain certifications to advanced careers in the financial field.

Human Resources – Seattle Society for Human Resources Management

The Seattle chapter of the Society for Human Resources Management is a great resource for anyone working in the HR field. Not only do they host regular networking and learning events that are open to both members and non-members, they also offer a variety of Special Interest Groups that focus on building skills and expertise in specific areas, including benefits and compensation, coaching, recruiting, and more.

Marketing – American Marketing Association Puget Sound

Most professional marketers know the AMA for a solid lineup of professional networking and learning opportunities. The Puget Sound chapter is a perfect example. With a well-established Board of Directors and events throughout the Puget Sound region, AMA Puget Sound offers plenty of ways for local marketers to sharpen their skills and expand their networks.

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Public Relations – Public Relations Society of America Puget Sound

PRSA membership is a given for many public relations professionals, and local pros have a robust resource in the PRSA Puget Sound chapter. They’re one of the busiest PRSA chapters in the nation, hosting at least one event every month. And their events are diverse, from panel discussions to storytelling features to case study discussions focusing on public relations work across industry sectors.

Tech – New Tech Seattle

New Tech Seattle bills itself as Seattle’s largest monthly event, so if you’re ready to dive in with the tech scene’s best and brightest, this is the event to start with. Also check out their parent group New Tech Northwest for events throughout the Pacific Northwest.