Your Guide to Portland Career Coaches

Starting a new career search means navigating a dizzying amount of career opportunities and answering some tough questions. How do you capitalize on your biggest strengths to identify your career purpose? How do you set your career priorities and clarify your goals? How can you find a career that fulfills your interests and pays a living wage? Portland career coaches can help you determine the answers to these questions and elucidate your next career move.

Portland’s creative and collaborative work environment is home to dozens of career coaches who are eager to help you in your career journey. Use this guide to help you discover dozens of Portland career coaches who can help you grow your career and navigate this tight hiring market.

Meet 29 Portland Career Coaches, Resume Writers, & More!

A Portland Career – Dan Hahn

Twenty years ago, Vicki Lind began offering career transition and job search services in Portland. As the service blossomed, she started building a team with focused expertise to meet the needs of everyone from creatives and educators to technical innovators and executives. Now nearing retirement, Vicki has mentored new owner Dan Hahn for the past several years. He has built off of Vicki’s wisdom and continues to provide clients a dedicated team of career experts. They provide analysis, insight, and strategies for clients to strive for better career opportunities and best present themselves to them. We amassed an abundance of kind, stellar reviews on Yelp and Google. This is because A Portland Career allows you to select a service which best matches your career needs, style, values, and schedule.

Ask Counseling – Elaine Korngold  

Elaine Korngold’s extensive background in high-tech gives her a unique career coaching perspective. Over the years she worked as a programmer-analyst, a software developer, a systems engineer, and a research scientist. Elaine knows firsthand the gender imbalance in the tech industry that women face. She offers counseling to empower women in tech, career changers, IT and business professionals, and anyone looking to clarify their career goals and find sources of career inspiration and motivation.

Career Makers – Peter Paskill  

Since 1984, Peter has been helping job seekers navigate career transitions, with a slate of tailored services including one-on-one coaching, resume review, telecoaching and outplacement. Through his Career Makers courses, Peter walks you through skills assessment, job search techniques, and self marketing. With a suite of personalized services, Peter focuses on providing compassion, caring and empathy for job seekers and solving their specific problems and challenges.

Christine LaPorte – PDX Career Coach

Christine LaPorte seeks to empower Portland creatives to make powerful connections and secure the salary they deserve. Before she started her career coaching services, Christine spent the first eighteen years of her career as a photo editor for Out magazine and Adidas, an interactive producer for Intel, and as a recruiter for Nike, Columbia Sportswear and R/GA.

 Coaching for Clarity – Aubrie De Clerck  

Aubrie De Clerck’s career journey took her from a role in IT with Nike, to working as a director of the internship program at a local nonprofit organization. After experiencing a layoff, Aubrie came to a career crossroads. She decided to pursue her passion of helping people find joy in their work. She’s been helping Portlanders discover their unique threads to unlock their next career for eleven years.

Consulting With Integrity – Michelle Neal  

Michelle Neal has over ten years of experience as a career coach. She’s helped professionals of all ages find job search success, from college students to mid-career professionals. Michelle values authenticity and provides support through honesty, transparency and humor. Her mission is to help job seekers unlock their best professional self.

Dalena Bradley

Dalena Bradley is a career marketing specialist, resume writer, and career coach. She has a background in executive recruiting and corporate communications. Eleven years ago, Dalena combined her communications and recruiting skills to start her own career coaching business. Her coaching is geared towards helping job seekers overcome common career barriers, including lacking self-confidence or having a weak professional brand. Dalena seeks to be a navigator and sounding board for professionals of all ages so they can feel more confident and clinch that coveted job offer.

Decision Coaching – Ursina Teuscher, PhD

Ursina Teuscher uses a structured process to help people navigate difficult career decisions. Growing up in Switzerland, she obtained her professional license as a career counselor in 2000, as well as a PhD in Applied Psychology in 2004. After she moved to Portland, she started her private practice as a decision coach and career counselor in 2011. Ursina also teaches decision making classes at Portland State University. Aside from helping people find clarity in big decisions, she applies her expertise in neuroscience and behavioral economics to help clients increase personal productivity, manage work stress, and find healthy habits.

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Feminista Careers – Jennifer Kass

Jennifer Kass, a seasoned career coach with over 15 years of experience spanning nonprofit, education, and corporate sectors, specializes in empowering women during their job search. Her mission is to help women confidently showcase their strengths to land their dream jobs. Jennifer is an expert in helping job seekers use AI tools to work more efficiently while preserving the human touch for authenticity.

Fireworks Coaching – Becky Farone

Becky Farone is a career change coach helping professional women over 40 decide to stay or leave a distressing job or career. With 30+ years in the corporate world, accidentally mostly in IT and software (a liberal arts escapee), she has experienced her share of stressful work environments and feeling stuck by the persistent feelings she was no longer in the right place. Becky knows what it’s like to lose confidence and self-trust. She is here to help you find yours again via humor, empathy and powerful questions to help you get where they want to go next. Becky offers a group coaching program. When the program is accepting new clients, Mac’s List readers can receive 15% off with code MACS-LIST-15.

Full Bloom Career Academy – Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson has spent the last 15 years of her career coaching thousands of job seekers and showing them how to create a thriving career. With her company Full Bloom Academy, she’s dedicated to helping people discover their perfect work, and teaching entrepreneurs the secrets of launching a successful small business. As a professional certified career coach, Jennifer is also a trainer at Coach University and a faculty member of Portland Community College and the University of California at Davis.

Gail Nicholson

Gail Nicholson has over three decades of experience in counseling, therapy, and career planning. Gail’s blend of personal and career counseling helps job seekers navigate challenges and discover new opportunities. Gail’s goal is to help people develop an understanding of who they are and where they belong in the larger community so they can find a great career and earn a living wage.

Impact Coaching – Pamela Leone

Pam is a trusted advisor who has coached & collaborated with leaders for 20 plus years across the nation. She has a proven track record of being an impactful leader and extremely effective communicator who partners with employees across all industries to provide clarity of goals, purpose and creative problem solving. As a Coach, she is dedicated to individuals and teams who want to be authentic and transformative in their world. Pam holds a master’s degree in Leadership from Multnomah University. She is a Certified Professional Career Coach as well as an Authorized DISC Administrator & Behavioral Consultant.

JobJenny – Jenny Foss  

Jenny Foss’ career path led her from journalism, to the world of corporate marketing and public relations, and finally to a job in recruiting. Jenny’s understanding of hiring managers’ needs and writing, marketing, and branding skills gave her the perfect toolkit to start a career coaching website: JobJenny. With online courses, resume and LinkedIn kits, and one-on-one coaching services, JobJenny has everything you need to overcome your fears and embrace your next career.

Panoramic Counseling – Julie Sliga

When the workplace takes a serious mental and emotional toll, Julie Sliga, a trauma-informed counselor, helps people heal and find fulfillment in their careers. Difficulties at work can lead to anxiety, depression, burnout, stress, or PTSD. Julie blends career coaching and mental health counseling to assist people who have experienced stressful or traumatic workplace challenges, such as: a hostile work environment, imposter syndrome, being fired, injury or illness, discrimination, or systemic oppression. Julie has helped people navigate major career and life transitions for 15+ years. She has a master’s degree in vocational rehabilitation counseling.

O+I Develop – Linda Williams Favero, M.S.

Linda Favero brings 30 years of experience developing individuals to reach their full potential with purpose and meaning. Her journey includes a decade at the University of Oregon’s Portland campus where she launched the alumni career services program. Now, Linda is a career coach and consultant at O+I Develop. She partners with individuals seeking career transitions and advancement and capitalizes on both a practical and integral approach. We bring our whole selves to our work lives, and it is critical to incorporate our mind, body, and heart as we discover what’s next.

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Made To Hire – Merryn Roberts-Huntley

Merryn Roberts-Huntley founded Made To Hire in 2017 to give job seekers the tools they need to understand how to market themselves for their dream jobs. Through her book, online courses, campus workshops, and one-on-one services, Merryn offers a suite of services designed to help job seekers define their personal brands and unlock their dream careers. Merryn has 17 years of business experience and ten years of coaching experience.

Mary Blalock

Mary Blalock has been coaching job seekers for six years, and along the way she’s helped people find jobs with a few of Oregon’s most highly sought after employers: Nike, Amazon, Microsoft, and Adidas. Mary’s coaching techniques are based on her belief that coaching can help people create lasting behavior changes in their lives and her background in recruiting. She’s dedicated to guiding job seekers so they can find work that brings them meaning. She’s also the host of Ladies Night PDX, a local event series that connects and empowers women.

Michelle Hynes

Michelle Hynes is dedicated to helping leaders navigate planned and unplanned change. She specializes in assisting leaders, managers, and creative professionals who are making a career change, or who are rethinking their career priorities to find a better alignment or more work-life balance. Michelle’s coaching programs are three to four months long, and she offers in-person or virtual meetings via Skype or FaceTime.

Elizabeth Borelli, PCC

Elizabeth Borelli’s degree in psychology and multiple certifications in coaching, communications and wellness are the foundation of her services. She works to help job seekers go from feeling invisible to invincible and develop a brand that aligns with their inner truth and speaks to the world. Elizabeth uses a combination of one-on-one coaching calls and easy-to-follow success maps to tailor her coaching to each job seeker.

Paige Webster Coaching

Paige Webster founder her career coaching in 2015. Paige’s approach is rooted in the belief that life is too short to be stuck in a job you hate, and you can find a career that brings you joy and fulfillment. Paige works with job seekers one-on-one to clarify their core values and career dreams, identify their strengths, set goals and an action plan to achieve them, and provide support and ongoing guidance to follow through. 

Pathfinder Careers – Dawn Rasmussen 

Dawn Rasmussen is a career coach and certified resume writer. She’s also the president of Pathfinder Writing and Career Services. Dawn brings a highly-focused and results-oriented approach to reviewing resumes, crafting cover letters, and coaching job seekers. In addition to her career coaching services, Dawn is also a frequent presenter and national speaker at colleges and universities on career management topics.

Rachel Beohm 

Rachel Beohm has spent a decade of her career working in communications. In her work, Rachel trains executives, HR professionals, speakers, and job seekers. Her sessions are focused on helping professionals present themselves powerfully through the use of nonverbal communication skills. Rachel’s coaching packages include a preliminary phone interview, analysis of a written questionnaire to gauge your needs, three 60-minute one-on-one sessions, and email support through the duration of the package.

Resume Horse – Ursala Garbrecht

Ursala Garbrecht uses a collaborative approach to help clients connect with their accomplishments and articulate their unique strengths to potential employers. With experience in higher education coaching and employee relations, Ursala brings a foundation of helping clients feel empowered. With over a decade working with Career Counselor Vicki Lind, Ursala has extensive experience supporting job seekers across industries, sectors, and jobs to navigate their transition into more satisfying and value-aligned roles.

Resume Scripter – Andrea Gerson

Andrea Gerson is a professional resume writer and career coach, who has spent the last decade of her career helping job seekers shine a spotlight on their professional talents. Andrea’s experience with relaunching her own career made her realize how difficult it can be to create positive change. As a result, she launched her business Resume Scripter in 2011. Since then, Andrea has worked directly with nearly 5,000 professionals to secure competitive roles. She has dedicated her career to helping job seekers who feel stuck rediscover their potential and exceed their own expectations.

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Spark Career Counseling – Kristin Schuchman  

Kristin Schuchman uses her combination of personal branding, counseling, and coaching skills to help creatives, solopreneurs, and changemakers. Kristin’s background in branding gave her the tools to help clients package their skills, and her master’s degree in social work gives her the expertise to help clients see past self-limiting beliefs. Her holistic approach is focused on guiding job seekers so they can overcome past barriers to success, including stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, and past work trauma.

Stacey Lane

Stacey Lane worked in the corporate world for fifteen years. On her way home from a happy hour consultation, she had an epiphany. She realized that if she could get paid to do anything her dream job would be coaching and consulting job seekers. Stacey believes that there’s no magic formula for selecting your dream job. But, she does know that most career paths are not linear and an outside perspective can open new doors in your career journey.

Susanne Aronowitz 

Susanne Aronowitz specializes in helping legal professionals identify career paths and growth opportunities. Through her coaching programs, Susanne focuses on helping job seekers find new momentum in their careers. Her coaching process is tailored to each job seeker’s needs and goals, including strategic guidance on crafting effective application materials and leveraging their strengths to network authentically.

Talence Group – Gina Riley

Gina specializes in providing leadership level career transition and personal brand coaching to job seekers. Her technique is focused on transforming her clients’ approach to their career development and helping job seekers build a sustainable tools that last their entire career. Before working as a career coach and executive search consultant for Talence Group, Gina worked at Intel for a decade in roles ranging from HR and talent acquisition to training and development.

Talent Career Coaching – Brandi Oldham

Brandi is the owner and founding coach of Talent Career Coaching based in the Portland, OR metro area. Talent Career Coaching currently serves individuals, teams, and entrepreneurs in all aspects of their career journey. Our areas of expertise include recruiting, hiring, personal development, team development, and training. We recognize that in companies jobs have to get done, but what if we could design the “how it gets done” to the strengths of the individuals completing the task? Our goal is to help individuals learn about their natural strengths, understand how their unique talents can make an impact, and design plans to help them achieve more! Bottom line…we LOVE helping people reach their potential! Every day we get to impact people’s lives – we help them negotiate raises, have better work/life balance, and achieve overall fulfillment in their careers. It’s the best job in the world!

Three Questions Consulting – Bruce Hazen

As a career coach for over 19 years, Bruce Hazen’s technique relies on helping job seekers answer three key questions. First, when is it time to move up? Second, when is it time to move out? And third, when is it time to adapt your style for greater

Success? Bruce works with early career, mid-career, or senior professionals to develop tactical action plans that respond to these three essential questions. 

Trailhead Counseling – Aaron Good  

Whether you’re a recent college grad, a mid-career professional, or a retiree, Aaron Good offers career counseling services for every stage of your career. Aaron began his career in IT, where he managed enterprise systems and found creative solutions to problems. He found a career in counseling after volunteering at a suicide hotline, an experience that changed his perspective and gave him an outlet to channel his compassion and kindness into a human-centered counseling approach. Aaron believes anyone can overcome their fears and find meaning and growth in their career.