Get Fired Up About Finding Your Passion, with Jenna Forstrom

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Finding your passion is the best way to discover meaningful and engaging work. But sometimes it’s hard to focus on the things that most excite us—especially when you’re unsure how to get paid for pursuing theses passions.

Jenna Forstrom, former Mac’s List Community Manager, shares three tips to help you find your passions—and find direction in your career:

  • Ask your family and friends, “What am I good at?”
  • Look at your calendar or journal. How do you actually spend your time?
  • Ask yourself, “How do I want to be remembered?”

Jenna’s reading is an excerpt from our newest book, Land Your Dream Job Anywhere.


Ben Forstag:   

This is Find Your Dream Job. The podcast that helps you get hired, have the career you want and make a difference in life. I’m Ben Forstag, Managing Director of Mac’s List. On today’s bonus episode, we’re sharing exclusive content from Land Your Dream Job Anywhere, our new book that launches February 1st, 2017.

For 15 years at Mac’s List, we’ve helped people find meaningful, well-paying work in Portland, Oregon, one of the country’s most competitive job markets. Now we’ve put all of our best job-hunting advice into one book that can help you, no matter where you live. Land Your Dream Job Anywhere also includes advice from many of the national career experts who have appeared on our podcast. Today we’re sharing one of those features exclusively with you, our podcast listeners. Here’s our very own, Jenna Forstrom, Community Manager at Mac’s List, reading her contribution, ‘Get Fired Up About Finding Your Passion.’

Jenna Forstrom:      

‘Get Fired Up About Finding Your Passion.’ There are few things in this world I get really, really excited about. I’m talking kid-in-a-candy-shop excited. They are: craft beer, serving the homeless, and my dog, Bullet. Although I know it’s hard to believe, I’m also super passionate about my job. I’m fascinated by how technology changes consumer behavior. I love using social media as a storytelling tool. The icing on the cake is that, every day, I get to help people find their dream jobs.

What is your light-you-up, crazy, can-talk-about-it-for-hours, passion? I’ve discussed this with friends, job seekers, and employers for years. Here are my three go-to questions to help you figure out your passions.

First, ask your family and friends, “What am I good at?” This is a great way to start your discovery process. Chances are, your people, those closest to you, see a lot of great things about you that you might not recognize in yourself. Listen to their outsider perspective. It might help you identify your passions and it can be a huge emotional pick-me-up when you’re looking for a job or thinking about making a career pivot. Second, look at your calendar or journal. Where do you spend your time? I’ve been saying all year I really want to learn Comer but have I gone to a single lesson or even signed up for a class? Nope. Looking at your calendar and seeing what you’re actually spending your time on is a good way to figure out your passions. Are you a social butterfly or do you tend to spend more time alone or in a small group doing things like reading or painting?

Finally, ask yourself, “How do I want to be remembered?” I know it’s morbid to think about, but at some point your not going to be here anymore. What do you want to be known for? I call this my legacy plan. Every few months I reflect on what I think my family, friends, and co-workers would say if I die. How would people remember me? My service to the community? My constant questions about after-work or weekend activities? My projects at work that went viral? How does that make we feel? Is that how I want to be remembered? If not, what changes do I need to make?

Spend some time answering these questions. Talk to your family and friends and make the list. You’ll be surprised what bubbles to the top. Once you see what emerges start incorporating these passions into your job search. You can do it. We’re all rooting for you.

Ben Forstag:   

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