Networking Schmetworking: Tips for Genuine Connections, with Jen Violi

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In this bonus episode of Find Your Dream Job, freelance writer, Jen Violi, shares professional networking tips for build genuine connections with the people you meet.

Even if networking makes you queasy, you can make connections with others on a personal and professional level.  80% of jobs are never posted, so chances are you’re next dream job will be found by networking with someone in your field.

Check out Jen’s simple tips for making connections in a new city–from volunteer opportunities to fiestas.

Jen’s reading is an excerpt from our book, Land Your Dream Job Anywhere, a book that outlines a proven job-search strategy that actually works. Job hunting is not an innate ability; no one is born with the magical power to land a great job. It is a learned skill that anyone can master with practice.

Unfortunately, most people are never taught how to look for a job. High school and college teach us the technical skills to use in our career, but we are never taught the nuts-and-bolts of how to conduct a strategic job search. Instead, we are left mostly to rely on trial and error.

In Land Your Dream Job Anywhere, you’ll find a process that results in a faster, less-frustrating job search—one that maximizes your chances of finding a job you love.