Portland’s Threads—and Yours, with Aubrie De Clerck

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A successful job search is all about telling your story: who you are, what you can do and how you stand out.

But sometimes it’s hard to identify these truths about yourself. We’re out own biggest critics, and modesty can prevent us from tooting our own horn. This can be particularly true if you’re struggling through a prolonged job search, and starting to question your value.

In this bonus episode, Aubrie De Clerck of Portland-based Coaching for Clarity, shares a strategy for identifying your strengths and the truths that extend across your career. She reads “Portland’s Threads–and Yours”, her contribution to our book Land Your Dream Job in Portland (and Beyond).


Mac Prichard:   

This is Find Your Dream Job, the podcast that helps you get hired, have the career you want, and make a difference in life. I’m Mac Prichard, your host and publisher of Mac’s List.

On this bonus episode of Find Your Dream Job, we’re bringing back one of our most popular guests, Aubrie De Clerck of Coaching For Clarity. Aubrie is included as one of the local job search experts in Land Your Dream Job in Portland (and Beyond), and in today’s episode, she’ll share her contribution to the book with you, our podcast listeners.

Here’s Aubrie De Clerck reading “Portland’s Threads–and Yours”, from Land Your Dream Job in Portland (and Beyond).

Aubrie DeClerck:

In any search, it’s up to us to tell our story: Who we are, what we can do, and how we stand out in doing it. Our story is not simply about identifying transferable skills. To find fulfilling work, we need to communicate our threads, the things we’re best at, the things we can’t stop doing even if we try, the things we do naturally are gifts in a way that creates confidence in ourselves and shows our value to an employer.

Take Portland as an example. We all know about keeping the city weird, but what is consistent about the town that filters into all the community does? What are Portland’s threads? Here are two: unrestrainable creative self-expression, and ongoing commitment to environmental protection. How do we know with confidence that this is truly what Portland is about? If we were writing a resume for Portland, we would give specific examples.

For unrestrainable creative self-expression, think about our food and drink: Microbreweries, coffee roasters, adventurous, award winning restaurants and farmer’s markets. As for the arts, International Film Festival or Jazz Festival, Tango Fest and monthly art walks. Our annual events that include the Bridge Pedal, the PDX Adult Soap Box Derby, Tour de Coops and Time-Based Art Festival. Then our iconic local businesses: Powell’s Books, food carts, Hollywood Theater, and Voodoo Doughnuts.

As for our ongoing commitment to environmental protection, we have compost at the curb. Sixty-three percent of all of our waste is recycled. Investment in public transportation, including our new MAX Orange Line, strong urban growth boundary, buffer bike lanes, LEED certified buildings and more. With clear examples identified, how do you assign value to them? What do these threads mean about Portland?

To me, they create a great quality of life and keep our community vibrant, essential components for a city I choose to live in.

As you create your personal brand, ask yourself: What are my threads? How do they give value to others?

Mac Prichard:  

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