Hello College Student, I’m Talking to You! with Gabrielle Nygaard

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The question every college student dreads but can’t avoid: “What are you going to do after graduation?”

It’s graduation season and university students across the country are preparing for the next phase of their lives. For most, that means a job–or at least a job search. Others may explore graduate school or an alternative learning experience. Regardless of what’s next, this transition can be a time of great stress for new graduates.

On this bonus episode of Find Your Dream Job, we share tips on how to smooth the transition from college to “real life.” Gabrielle Nygaard, a Fulbright Scholar and Linfield College graduate, reads “Hello College Student, I’m Talking to You!“, her contribution to our book Land Your Dream Job in Portland (and Beyond).


Mac Prichard:

This is Find Your Dream Job. The podcast that helps you get hired, have the career you want, and make a difference in life. I’m Mac Prichard, your host and publisher of Mac’s List.

On today’s bonus episode, we’re sharing exclusive content from our new book, Land Your Dream Book in Portland and Beyond. Land Your Dream Book in Portland and Beyond compiles all of our best job search tips and career management tools into one simple easy to read guide. It’s the definitive toolkit for anyone looking for meaningful work. The book also includes special contributions from an array of job search expert, and today you’ll hear from one of them. Here’s Gabrielle Nygaard reading her contribution. Hello, College Students. I’m Talking to You.

Gabrielle Nygaard:

The question every college senior dreads but can’t avoid. What are you going to do after graduation? Don’t despair. I have two answers for you. Don’t wait until you graduate to take action. Venture out of the bubble that insulates life at every university and into the real world now. Put yourself out there. Invest some time off campus. Activities and accomplishments outside of your institution will serve you well for many reasons. Not only will real world experience hone your practical skills and provide professional connections, but it will also enhance your resume.

Employers want to see diverse experience and that you have what it takes to succeed in a professional field outside student employment, student programs, and other school sponsored endeavors. Try an internship or volunteer position off campus. Classwork can be a good way to display your skills, but published or paid work samples will make your portfolio shine. As my friend, a recent graduate who snagged a marketing job in Oregon Wine Country, forewarned me, outside of the school setting, there are no course syllabi, assignment rubrics, and due dates to guide our work. The sooner we experience and adapt to the flow of real work, the better.

Consider the benefits of a bridge year, traveling, interning, volunteering, or otherwise wandering the world will help you learn about yourself. Cultural and service experiences are the classic setups for stepping out of your comfort zone. A key to finding you career niche is knowing thyself. By expanding your horizons, you can explore and challenge yourself. Whether domestic or abroad, a bridge year can expose you to new ways of thinking and vast opportunities.

A bridge year is also a chance to identify and hone your personal strengths as well as try your hand at developing new skills. What you find about your likes, dislikes, and abilities my reinvigorate or realign your career goals, and the knowledge you gain can help you reach them, and by getting out of your normal sphere, you’ll make all kinds of connections and new allies, both personal and professional. Not only will the experience shape you as a person, it will add something special to help yours standout in a sea of resumes.

Mac Prichard:

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