The 8 Best Nonprofit Networking Events in Portland

Can you see yourself making a positive impact on your community as an integral part of a local nonprofit organization? Portland, Ore. has a large and robust community of nonprofit organizations, offices, and engaged professionals. This expansive community brings you lots of choices for nonprofit networking events in Portland.

If you’re looking to advance your nonprofit career in Portland, or you want to transition into the nonprofit sector, the single best thing you can do is network. Networking is the most effective to connect with your peers, make yourself known among industry leaders, and find hidden opportunities for meaningful employment. Here are eight nonprofit networking organizations in Portland and Southwest Washington that offer valuable events and opportunities to explore:

1. Nonprofit Association of Oregon

When it comes to the Portland nonprofit scene, NAO is the place to start. Each week, NAO hosts multiple training events for nonprofit professionals, most of which are open to non-members. The NAO Events Calendar is the most comprehensive list of nonprofit-themed events, with listings from many organizations around the state. NAO also has a robust selection of trainings for established nonprofit professionals.

2. Nonprofit Network of Southwest Washington

After its beginnings in 2008, the Nonprofit Network of Southwest Washington has gotten over 500 nonprofit agencies to share their expertise at local networking events. This organization represents the nonprofit community on the other side of the Columbia river. They provide seminars, educational resources, and other services to help nonprofits in southwest Washington better achieve their missions.

3. YNPN Portland

The Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN) is a volunteer-led and volunteer-run organization that supports current and future nonprofit leaders. The Portland chapter coordinates regular educational and networking events throughout the metropolitan area. From events like a summer pizza party to a seminar on managing conflict, YNPN has a lot to offer to those interested in making waves in the nonprofit world.

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4. Community Nonprofit Resources Group

Sponsored by the Nonprofit Association of Oregon, CNRG connects people, communities, and organizations to strengthen the local nonprofit community. They maintain an active online community and frequently coordinate social and educational networking events in the Portland area.

5. Housing Oregon

Are you interested in helping solve the issue of houselessness for Oregon’s vulnerable populations? Housing Oregon is a statewide association of 75 organizations who are building, financing, and supporting affordable housing. They advocate on the local and state levels for programs and policies that enable members to provide housing for working families, people with disabilities, seniors, and others struggling to meet their needs in communities throughout Oregon.

6. Partners in Diversity

Partners in Diversity works to increase multicultural inclusion in the workplace and support local professionals of color. They offer a series of services and trainings to for-profit, nonprofit and government professionals. Their quarterly Say Hey! series is Oregon’s largest multicultural networking event.

7. Willamette Valley Development Officers

WVDO is a local membership association dedicated to the continuing development of nonprofit fundraising professionals. They organize regular seminars, conferences, and online courses to improve nonprofit development programs.

8. Emerging Local Government Leaders

Interested specifically in local government jobs? ELGL represents the unique needs of public-service professionals. They coordinate numerous networking and educational events for their members. Check out their “city hall selfie day” page to get a sense of their trademark enthusiasm for all things local government.