Land Your Dream Job in Portland (and Beyond)

Portland is a notoriously tricky place to find work.

Whether you’re new to the city, looking to make a career change, or struggling to grow your career here, Land Your Dream Job in Portland (and Beyond) will help you understand the Portland job market and approach your job search with the right strategy to get results fast.

This book is the step-by-step roadmap to infiltrating the Portland job market and landing your dream job in record time.

Inside, you’ll find all the best advice from Mac’s 15+ years helping Portland job seekers find meaningful work, plus tools and resources from Portland-based career coaches, recruiters, and more.

Inside you’ll find:

  • An explanation of Portland’s job scene, where job openings aren’t always posted and word-of-mouth reigns supreme.
  • The best templates for your cover letter, resume and LinkedIn profile to impress Portland employers.
  • How to network with confidence and build essential  professional relationships.
  • Tactics to interview and negotiate like a pro to get the job & salary you want.
  • Ways to manage your Portland career to remain current and relevant for the long term.