Land Your Dream Job Anywhere


The average job search takes up to six months, and many searches take a whole lot longer.

Many of us spend the job search worrying, because there’s a lot to worry about. We stress about resumes and our online presence. We spend hours emailing, networking, and customizing cover letters.

The process is overwhelming and full of doubt.  But it doesn’t need to be this way! With the right strategy, you can cut months off the search process.

In Land Your Dream Job Anywhere you’ll find a job search strategy that works.

In simple, easy-to-follow language, we’ll teach you a proven system that helps you find great job opportunities, connect with employers, and build a meaningful, rewarding career!

Inside, you’ll find resources from career experts and Mac’s own 20+ years of experience helping job seekers:

  • Tools for assessing your career interests and skills
  • How to use your online presence to your advantage
  • Strategies for networking
  • How to conduct informational interviews
  • Job application best practices and insider tips from HR
  • Interview essentials
  • And much more!