Keep Your Chin Up: Amelia Johnson-Lewis’ Job Search Success Story

In this job search success story, Amelia Johnson-Lewis, marketing director for Corios, shares how to be your own source of encouragement and maintain a positive attitude during a job search.

What do you do for a career? Who do you work for?

I am a career marketing professional working as Marketing Director for Corios, a management analytics consulting firm in Portland, Oregon.

How long did it take you to find this job?

In February 2022, after consulting for about 15 months, I once again considered the idea of seeking a permanent role in senior-level marketing. Over the course of six months, I went from curious to candidate to hired following interviews with three companies.

How did you find your job? What resources did you use? What tool or tactic helped the most?

I have used LinkedIn exclusively to find my last two full-time roles – this position with Corios and my previous full-time position at Intel. In both cases, LinkedIn made things simple, from application to leveraging my network of contacts for research and referral as I progressed through the hiring process. From an approach standpoint, the most valuable tactic I trust is establishing goals and criteria for the ideal role and employer before I start a search. Deciding upfront makes choices easier and helps me hold strong against the temptation to give in on non-negotiables, whether evaluating a job and description, interviewing, or considering offers.

What was the most difficult part of your job search? How did you overcome this challenge?

Frankly, the hardest part of the job search remains the hit to self-esteem and keeping imposter syndrome at bay. One would think that with experience and wisdom, those might be in the rearview mirror. Nope. Fortunately, there are so many great resources to find perspective on these two things in podcasts and blogs that just didn’t exist when I started my career. And it’s so valuable to pursue that kind of insight and prepare yourself; even with a strong resolve, it’s easy to be caught off guard by ‘left field’ feedback or worse – no feedback or follow-up at all. Make it a part of the pre-job search plan: declare you will move forward and not let it distract from your confidence in your skills and capabilities.

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What is the single best piece of advice you would offer other jobseekers?

It sounds cliché, but “keep your chin up.” Be your own source of encouragement and maintain a positive attitude. It pays dividends when it’s time to tailor a version of your resume, write a cover letter or submit a job application form. And it comes across to the people in your process, from a recruiter to those in your network and those who may hire you. When in doubt, return often to the goals you set up front to remind yourself why you’re in this hunt, and then smile.

Why do you love your job?

I love working in marketing today for the same reason I originally pursued a career in journalism and PR: the storytelling and opportunity to combine creativity with problem-solving. And I love my current role, where I get to lead marketing strategy while also keeping my hands in the “work.” I value staying fresh on marketing trends, and the transformation that AI is driving in marketing, I believe, will make branding and selling more human for the opportunity it offers to shift our focus away from the mundane and back to the magic of it all.

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