Let’s Have Coffee… Online, with Joshua Waldman

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Networking and coffee often go hand-in-hand; inviting a professional contact out for coffee is one of the easiest ways to score an informational interview or stay in touch with your network.

Chances are, before anyone accepts your coffee invite they are going to check out you out on social media. You need to do some solid networking online before you can expect anyone to meet up with you in-person. So it is vital that your social media profiles are a true reflection of who you are as a professional.

On this bonus episode Joshua Waldman, author of Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies and founder of Career Enlightenment, shares his advice on how to keep your online presence and profiles up-to-date and professional during your job search.

His top tips? In addition to having a stellar LinkedIn profile, consider giving your new contact more information about yourself with a simple About.me website.


Mac Prichard:

This is Find Your Dream Job the podcast that helps you get higher, help the career you want, and make a difference in life. I’m Max Prichard, your host and publisher of Mac’s List.

On today’s bonus episode we’re sharing exclusive content from our new book, Land Your Dream Job in Portland (and Beyond). Land Your Dream Job in Portland (and Beyond) compiles all of our best job search tips and career management tools into one simple, easy-to-read guide. It’s the definitive tool kit for anyone looking for meaningful work. The book also includes special contributions from an array of job search experts, and today you’ll hear from one of them. Here’s Joshua Waldman of Career Enlightenment reading his contribution, Let’s Have Coffee, online.

Joshua Waldman:

In an age of digital tools, digital meetings, and virtual conferences, it should be no surprise that nowadays people long for a more human connection. Asking someone for coffee is thee universal language of networking, particularly in Portland where local coffee is absolutely incredible.

Why not have your online presence reflect the quality of the coffee you’re about to share with a professional contact?

If someone has taken the time to looked at your LinkedIn profile chances are that they want to learn more about who you are and get a taste of your personality. Offer other websites for them to explore to keep them interested for longer. Try setting up an about.me website where you can upload high-res images of yourself and link to other social media profiles all in one place.

During my own job search in Portland in 2009 I routinely used my online profiles as launching points for initiating coffee meetings. There’s no better way to advance your career and discover new opportunities than to leverage your online platform to build in-person relationships.

Mac Prichard:

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