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Today, I’m excited to announce the publication of my third annual Top Career Podcast Guide!

Podcasts are a great way to learn priceless career lessons while you’re on the go. Since I launched Find Your Dream Job in 2015, I’ve discovered a thriving community of fellow podcasters who help people build awesome careers. These hosts produce great shows, focusing on tactics that help you get hired and build the career you want.

But these gems are hard to find! If you’ve ever searched on a podcast app before, you know it can be a real challenge to find quality shows.

There are nearly 700,000 podcasts on iTunes. And in the “Career” category alone, there are thousands of podcasts. Who has time to sort through them all? Well, I took on the task, along with my team at Mac’s List and my large community of listeners and fellow career development professionals.

Back in 2017 I published the first Top Career Podcasts Guide, a single source for the best shows dedicated to helping professionals look for work and grow their careers. Now, we’re on our third annual edition of the guide. And it’s finally ready to share with you.

The career podcast community is thriving in 2019

As I curated the new Top Career Podcast Guide, I was amazed at how the list grows each year! Here are some stats from the update for 2019:

  • 112 shows are included in the 2019 Guide, a 53% increase over 2018 and a 130% over 2017!
  • 46 shows are on the list for the first time.
  • This year’s guide includes shows on industry-specific careers, including law, fashion design, sports management, music, and more!

I hope this guide will introduce you to some amazing new podcasts. And I know you’ll use the lessons to move your career forward!

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