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Ep. 002: Managing Your Career by Improving Your Marketability, with Dawn Rasmussen

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Ep. 002: Managing Your Career by Improving Your Marketability, with Dawn Rasmussen

Fifty years ago, it was common for workers to have the same job (or stay with the same company) from graduation until retirement. Today, the average American will have seven to ten different jobs in their lifetime. This volatility in employment has created more uncertainty–but also more opportunity–for career-minded professionals. The secret to thriving in this job market is successful career management: being focused, knowing your goals, and marketing your skill set.  

In this episode of Find Your Dream Job Mac speaks with career advisor and author Dawn Rasmussen. Dawn contends that “job security is dead” and that the key to professional success lies in improving your job marketability. She shares her tips on having a clear vision for your career, keeping your skills up-to-date, and adroitly marketing your transferable skills.

In this 30-minute episode you will learn:

  • How to discover your professional purpose and what you do best
  • How to change careers by breaking down your transferable skill sets
  • The habits of successful career managers
  • How to overcome the fear of a career change or job search

This week’s guest:

Dawn RasmussenDawn Rasmussen (@DawnRasmussen)
Principal, Pathfinder, Writing and Career Services
Author of Forget Job Security
Portland, Ore.


Listener question of the week:

  • How can I transition from the for-profit sector into the nonprofit sector?

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