5 Ways to Cure the Portland Job Search Blues

Readers always tell me that Mac’s List gives them hope about finding work in Portland. But with so many people competing for every position, I know it isn’t easy to land a job here.

This week I’ve had at least 10 conversations with people looking for work in Portland and I hear you – you’re frustrated and exhausted.

I know. I’ve been there. And I feel for you.

Blame it on the economy, the influx of talented people, age discrimination, skills bias, lack of jobs, the willingness of people to take less than they deserve, the weather, Mercury in retrograde – whatever it is – it’s not easy. But if you’re here to stay in Oregon, what are you going to do about it?

Here’s the thing. In Portland, you can’t just sit at home sending out resumes and wait for a response. You have to get out there – yeah, like as in the real world. And you have to work hard to find work.

Here are the five ways I tell all my friends (and readers) they can beat the Portland job search blues:

Find balance

It’s natural to go full-speed when looking for work but have compassion for yourself. You have to find balance. Self-compassion will give you the space you need to invest in your job search and then to let it go and live.

Feed the pipeline

Emailed the cover letter? Got that interview? Great! But don’t stop there. Do a little bit each day to always have something in the pipeline.

This way, when you don’t hear back about an application or you don’t get the second interview, it’s okay because you know you have other irons in the fire. Do this and you’ll manage the job search roller coaster like a pro.

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Build relationships

Ah, Portland. There’s a reason we love you and it isn’t because you have a surplus of jobs with high paying salaries. It’s because you have mountains, loads of good food and drink, (among many other things) and GREAT PEOPLE.

Jobseekers, don’t sit at home in your pajamas sending out resume after resume. Get out there and meet people: network, have coffee, strike up a conversation. Whatever you do, make sure to touch point with new people you meet, build those relationships, and don’t be afraid to make new friends in the process.


I know: you’ve got a lot going on. The job search, work, family, friends, school – whatever your combination of responsibilities –it’s a juggling act.

Volunteering not only looks good on your resume but it also connects you with like-minded people and builds your network. Not to mention it’s just good for the soul.

Keep your chin up

Show the world you didn’t come to mess around! Put on some empowering music, pat yourself on the back, and pump yourself up for that next opportunity that’s coming round the bend! (I know it is)

I’m rooting for you Portland! I really am!