Emergency Services Specialist On-Call

STATUS: On-CallSALARY: $15.56/hourlyHOURS: Varies SUPERVISOR: Emergency Services Manager  OBJECTIVE: To maintain the safety, upkeep, and cleanliness of the shelter facility and provide basic on-site support needs for shelter participants.CORE FUNCTIONS:1. Work with participants, co-workers, supervisor, community partners, and all other relevant stakeholders in a manner that is consistent with, and promotes, the Bradley Angle Ethical Commitments and the Bradley Angle Organizational Values. 2. Provide Trauma Informed Care and Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports to all emergency services participants. 3. Ensure and maintain the cleanliness, upkeep, maintenance and safety of all areas of the emergency shelter and grounds surrounding.4. Respond to immediate on-site basic needs of participants such as distribution of first aid, food, clothing, and hygiene supplies. 5. Maintain the physical safety of participants by ensuring facility rules are followed in a manner that is consistent with organizational values (i.e., alcohol/drug, nonviolent communication, visitor, children supervision policies, etc).6. Ensure the physical safety of participants by implementing emergency procedures as appropriate and necessary (See: Program Specific Procedures and Safety Manual). 7. Provide crisis intervention and effective conflict resolution support to participants experiencing varying levels of conflict and crisis both within the facility and over the 24 hour crisis line. 8. Maintain effective communication with all Bradley Angle shelter staff to ensure seamless service delivery for participants and their children. 9. Document services provided using the staff log and electronic case notes. 10. At all times, including during sleeping hours, remain available to participants and responsive when assistance is requested. 11. Attend shelter site, All Staff, and other meetings as required. QUALIFICATIONS:All employees are expected to demonstrate:1. The ability to relate to adult and youth domestic violence survivors from diverse backgrounds.2. Reading and writing skills which include the ability to access and utilize a variety of resource materials in a timely manner and an ability to maintain accurate records.  3. Respectful listening and verbal communication skills. 4. Commitment to working with survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence and knowledge of violence and its effects on society.  5. Commitment to social change—including working to end domestic and sexual violence and all forms of oppression: racism, homophobia, sexism, classism, etc. 6. Understanding the linkages between domestic and sexual violence and other forms of oppression. 7. Ability and willingness to work as part of a team.Additional qualifications for Residential Assistant:1. One year of experience working with survivors of domestic violence.2. Good conflict resolution skills.3. Ability to organize and prioritize multiple tasks.4. Ability to work independently.APPLICATION PROCESS Please review the qualifications we are looking for and take the time to look at our website to become familiar with our mission and programs. We want to read resumes from qualified and interested candidates who take the time to respond to the specific dimensions outlined in this job announcement.   Submit resume and cover letter to jobs@bradleyangle.org Please include On-Call Emergency Services in the subject line.