13 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Job Interviews

You can blame the economy, the state of the job market, or the full moon for not getting interviews, but the truth is that you probably made one of the following errors.

Yes, some things are out of your control, but these are things you can control in your job hunt.

If you’re not getting interviews, Make sure it’s not because of one of the following reasons:

You lack the experience

Lack of experience or no experience is probably one of the biggest reasons you aren’t getting the job. I always recommend that you apply for jobs even when you don’t have all the qualifications, but you’ll need to make a strong case in the following areas to overcome that deficit.

You don’t have a connection to the organization

Do you know someone at the company in which you’re applying? Have you been doing your informational interviews, networking, and community building? If not, then you probably don’t know anyone in the organization and the boss’s niece (even if she has less experience than you) will get the job over you.

You’ve got a bad reputation bad reputation

No matter where you live, your local professional niche is probably relatively small. If you made mistakes that position you as untrustworthy, unreliable, unprofessional, or a risk, then you’re likely to lose out on a lot of jobs. Confirm your references are positive before putting them on your application.

You online brand is weak

Google yourself. What do you find? Negative comments on blogs and tasteless photos on Instagram are a sure fire way to take yourself out of the running.

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You wrote a thoughtless cover letter

Don’t send the same cover letter to every employer. Craft a unique cover letter telling the employer how YOU can help THEM.

There were mistakes in your resume

Don’t make any errors on your resume. Proofread a hundred times and have at least three friends look it over.

You displayed too much ego

Leaning back in your chair with your arm swung over the seat rest is a power pose – don’t do it in an interview. An interviewer will pick up on cockiness immediately and you want the first impression you give to be one of warmth, openness, and mindfulness.

You lack confidence

Of course, lack of confidence can also kill your chances. Don’t apologize for your life decisions, and don’t sweat it too much. It’s just an interview! Think of it as a conversation with a new person and let your confidence shine.

You spelled the company name wrong

People do this ALL THE TIME. I’ve seen Prichard Communications spelled Pritchard on more resumes than I can count. I immediately throw those resumes away.

You didn’t display your passion or enthusiasm

If you don’t seem enthusiastic about the job or passionate about the industry, it will show. Demonstrate your interest but be careful not to overwhelm the interviewer with too much enthusiasm, as this can also be a turn-off.

Your outfit was inappropriate

Consider the job you are applying for. Does it require client-facing work? If so, maybe cover the tattoo on your chest, take the face piercing out, and wash your hair.

You don’t “click” with the employer

I love odd people. I really do. But don’t fly your freak flag in a job interview. This is not the time to make a statement. In time, you can slowly roll out your oddities, as it seems appropriate.

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You didn’t follow-up

Did you forget to write a thank you note, connect on LinkedIn, or follow up with an email? You might as well forget it. Always follow up with a thank you.

In this new world of work, where competition is fierce, cross your t’s and dot your i’s to get that job. If you make one of these mistakes–forgive yourself, learn from it, and don’t do it again.