September 13, 2018

Design Your Career: Innovate & Succeed in the Modern Workforce

In 2018, the way we work is changing. The professional landscape is vast, and the choices seem endless. Do you want to work for a large organization, an agency, a small business, or maybe for yourself? You can also choose a traditional office environment, a coworking space, or turn your #vanlife dreams into reality.

For early and mid-career professionals, you know you need to think outside the narrow definition of traditional jobs and corporate ladders. But the options for your future career are overwhelming if you don’t know how to choose. So we’re bringing together professional innovators, career changers, and industry leaders to talk about the tools you need to design your own career.

We’ll focus on three key areas to design your career, one that’s true to you and will stand the test of time in a rapidly evolving workforce.

  • Understand yourself: identifying your talents, abilities, passions, and learned skills
  • Find what you want: choosing employers, environments, roles
  • Build your community: how to connect, find mentors and advisors, and collaborate.

We’ll ask our panel how they designed their own careers, and deliver actionable tools to help you do create the career that will let you do your best work.

Join us for an evening of expert discussion, Q&A, and professional networking, hosted by University of Oregon Executive MBA and moderated by Mac’s List‘s Mac Prichard.