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Job Listings That Convert: 10 Steps To Get Quality Candidates

​Get the 10 tips every employer needs to recruit talented, qualified candidates.

Posting your job listing online is an easy way to get applicants. But if you're looking for qualified, talented candidates in today's crowded, competitive marketplace, you've got an entirely different challenge. 

Mac's List has been Portland's job board for 17 years. Our team serves one of the nation's most competitive job markets, and we've learned a few things from the city's best candidates and employers. We put together our 10 best job posting tips into one actionable guide to help you attract better candidates, just by tweaking the way you write and promote your job listings. 

Download this FREE guide: Job Listings That Convert: 10 Tips To Get the Candidates You Want. 

Inside the guide, you'll find: 

  • Industry best practices for writing job descriptions.
  • The best time to post your job, backed by data.
  • The best ways to communicate with applicants, and start tracking your hiring ROI.
job listings that convert

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