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Body Language That Will Get You Hired

Posted on by Cecilia Bianco

We often focus too heavily on what we want to say to a potential employer instead of practicing how we say it. Coming up with a script or word-for-word answers to likely questions is a good way to prepare but don’t forget to practice your body language, too!

How to Pick the Right Interview Outfit

Posted on by Cecilia Bianco

You’ve done your research and you understand the company culture as best as you can. Here’s your first test: Pick an interview outfit that proves it! If the company culture seems laidback, as many Portland agencies are,

It’s the Nature of the Job Search, Not You

Posted on by Russell Bither-Terry

If you’ve spent any time reading about the job search, you’ve probably heard about informational interviewing and how important it is to finding the right job. I’ve been looking for a job in Portland since moving here in December of last year, and I’ve used informational interviews as one of my main job search tactics.

My Favorite Maya Angelou Quote and How it Can Help Your Job Search

Posted on by Jessica Williams

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”  In your search for rewarding work, you will come across all sorts of people either through interviewing or networking. This piece of advice from the late Dr. Maya Angelou, my teacher at Wake Forest University, can come in handy for these encounters.

Top 13 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting the Jobs You Apply For

Posted on by Jessica Williams

  You can blame me, the full moon, or the economy as reasons for not getting the job, but the truth is that you probably made one of the following errors. Yes, some things are out of your control, but these are things YOU CAN control in your job hunt.

How to Tell Your Life Story in a Job Interview

Posted on by Jessica Williams

  Whether you spent two years traveling the world or 10 years as a stay at home parent, telling your story to a potential employer can be challenging. You might be thinking, “How do I explain my choices?” or “How do I talk about my crazy journey?”

Award-Winning Women’s Leadership Program, NEW Leadership Oregon, is Open for Applications

Posted on by Cecilia Bianco

If you are a college-enrolled woman interested in developing your leadership skills, look no further! National Education for Women’s Leadership Oregon (NLO) wants you to join its ranks in 2014.  NLO is an award-winning women’s leadership development program based at PSU in the Center for Women, Politics and Policy. NLO’s mission is to educate and […]

Naughty or Nice? Etiquette To Impress At Your Next Job Interview

Posted on by Ashley Heinonen

Looking for a new job and concerned you might make a misstep along the way? Don’t fret, we’ve got the tips and tricks you need to get off a potential employer’s naughty list and onto the nice one when scouting for your next job. Personalize To Show Your Strengths When sending a cover letter, personalize it. […]

Breaking Up is Hard to Do. How Job Hunting is Like Dating

Posted on by Jessica Williams

Interviewing is like dating (without the dinner and wine). You and your potential employer are courting one another to see if there is a connection AND you’re both trying to uncover any red flags up front, before you commit. So what happens when, despite your best efforts, it doesn’t work out? Whether you’ve had four […]

How to Answer a Behavioral Interview Question: Tips from an Oregon Employer

Posted on by Jessica Williams

What are Oregon employers looking for in a job candidate? This is a question I hear from many of our readers. This week at the University of Oregon’s Get Connected event I met Derek Johnson, recruiting specialist for the Banfield Pet Hospital. Derek told me that he likes when candidates know how to answer behavioral […]

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