Top Career Podcasts 2017

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Podcasts are authenticity engines.

My favorite podcasts make me feel like I'm listening in on a great conversation between people who have a passion for the subject at hand. This personal engagement spurs authentic insights for podcast listeners.

It's why I started my own podcast, Find Your Dream Job, in 2015. I wanted to use authentic conversations to share my passion: to help people find meaningful work.

As I've listened to more and more podcasts about work and careers, I realized how deep the passion and expertise goes in this community. That's why I created the Top Career Podcasts of 2017. I want job seekers around the country and around the world to tap into these resources.

Over the past year, I scoured iTunes looking for the most informative and engaging career podcasts. The shows that made the cut met the following criteria:

  • They focus on the nuts-and-bolts of job hunting, career management, or professional development 
  • The show is active in 2017, with new content being released on a semi-regular basis
  • The show is available, for free, on iTunes

Get job search strategies from the best career-focused podcasts: check out Top Career Podcasts of 2017!

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Mac Prichard

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