Oregon and Washington Job Seeker Report 2023

Improve your hiring with insights from a Mac’s List survey of 1,190 local candidates

Hiring is hard. It takes lots of time and effort to find the best people.

One of the best ways employers can hire well is to understand what job seekers want. Knowing what matters to applicants is also a good way to retain current employees because these insights can shape company policies to reflect what matters most to workers.

The need for understanding what employees care about has never been greater. A new report from Mac’s List says that many local professionals surveyed recently in Oregon and Washington are unhappy at work and looking for a new job.

This finding and steps employers can take to improve worker satisfaction and recruitment are outlined in the Oregon and Washington Job Seeker Report 2023, an annual publication from Mac’s List. It draws on a survey of 1,190 local professionals between June 26 and July 27, 2023. 

Whether you’re a seasoned HR leader or new to hiring, this report is your roadmap to attracting and recruiting the best talent.

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