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7 Resilience Tips for a Long-Term Job Search

You’ve polished your resume, crafted targeted cover letters, and even gotten some interviews. But weeks of unemployment have turned into months – maybe even years – and you haven’t landed a job offer. During a long job search, it’s essential to take steps to stay healthy and resilient.  

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Don’t Meet All The Job Requirements? Apply Anyway!

Don't meet the job requirements? Apply anyway.

It’s a common job search experience. You’re browsing through job postings when you stumble on the perfect position. As you read through the description, you get increasingly excited: it’s a great organization with interesting responsibilities, and the pay is awesome. It’s exactly what you want to do. Then you read the job requirements and your excitement fades.

The employer is looking for  someone with decades of professional experience, advanced knowledge in an array of fields, and a valid Ghanaian drivers license. You’ve only got some of those requirements. Is it worth the time and energy to apply? The short answer is yes, you should apply anyway.

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Ep. 083: How to Rebuild Your Confidence After a Layoff, with Jane Jackson

How to Rebuild Your Confidence After a Layoff, with Jane Jackson

Losing your job—under any circumstances—is a painful, embarrassing experience, and it’s natural to be upset. You may feel like you’ve lost control of your life, or that you’ll never find another job.  Plus there’s the stress of managing your financial responsibilities on a diminished income.

While it’s natural to be anxious after a layoff, you shouldn’t let panic drive you to rash decisions. So say this week’s guest, Jane Jackson. Instead, give yourself time to heal and figure out the next step in your career.

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