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Ep. 010: Government Jobs and Public Service Careers

Find Your Dream Job, Ep. 010: Government Jobs and Public Service Careers

If you want a job that lets you make a difference in the world you’ll likely consider a career in public service.

A government job–at the local, state or federal level–can offer you the opportunity to address issues that matter, such as education,  the environment, and homelessness.  You can find positions suited to every interest and skill, from art history to zoology. And the work itself can be gratifying.

But getting your first government job can be challenging. The application process usually requires patience and persistence. And managing a career in public service requires thoughtful planning.

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Help Strengthen Our Communities as National Service Program Administrator for Oregon Volunteers


Oregon Volunteers is hiring a National Service Program Administrator! The National Service Program Administrator will oversee the development and implementation of a programmatic strategic plan to manage all components of the Oregon AmeriCorps program.

Why work for Oregon Volunteers?

The Oregon Volunteers is the Oregon Commission for Voluntary Action and Service—a citizen commission appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Oregon State Senate. The main goal of the Commission is to strengthen our communities by inspiring Oregonians to actively engage, volunteer and serve. Read more »

Making the Transition from For-Profit to Nonprofit


I spent 25 years working for Fortune 250 companies. Two years ago, I left the corporate world to start my encore career—helping local and regional nonprofits as a fundraising and management consultant. I know that many of the former colleagues—and many corporate professionals in general—dream of making a similar career transition into the nonprofit realm.

Unfortunately, there are often significant hurdles for people looking to make this change. Nonprofits and for profits have vastly different professional cultures; in fact, sometimes it seems like the two sectors speak completely different languages! Some people falsely believe that the skills developed in one sector are not transferable to the other.

If you’re facing this challenge, I want to share with you the single best way to overcome the entry barriers to working in a nonprofit. It’s a simple answer: volunteer! Regardless of your professional background, you have skills that can add value to local nonprofits. Volunteering these skills is a great way to get known in the community and get a foothold in the nonprofit space.

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