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Ep. 045: An Introvert’s Guide to Networking, with Trina Isakson

An Introvert’s Guide to Networking

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Networking events can be, for an introvert, a worst case scenario. This is why introverts need to be prepared, strategic and have a clear goal of what they want to accomplish before attending a conference or event. Today’s guest expert, Trina Isakson says that introverts gain energy from being alone and a common misconception is to think of introverts as socially awkward or shy.

In business today, most networking events are designed around the ‘spray and pray’ method of handing out business cards to a copious amount of people. Introverts may see this exercise as a vampire slowly draining their energy levels, both mentally and physically. Trina shares her tips which allow an introvert to make the most out of a conference or live event. And, she reminds us the true goal of networking events should be to build meaningful relationships which add value to our lives and the lives of others.

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Change a Life, Become a Mentor with Dream Builders Alliance


Dream Builders Alliance is seeking volunteers to mentor young adults in the Portland Metro Area. Mentoring is a fun way to get involved, make a new friend and explore the community. (Plus, it looks great on your resume.)

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BONUS Episode: Networking Schmetworking, Tips for Genuine Connection, with Jen Violi

Tips for Genuine Connection

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Freelance writer, Jen Violi, shares tips for genuine connection in Oregon – or anywhere.

Even if networking makes you queasy, you can make connections with others on a personal and professional level.  We say this at Mac’s List all the time, 80% of jobs are never posted, so chances are you’re next dream job will be found by networking with someone in your field.  

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