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How to Network in a New City Before You Move

How To Network in a New City Before You Move

We live in a highly mobile society, with people frequently moving hundreds—and sometimes thousands—of miles for family, work, or lifestyle needs.

For many people the desire to relocate often crashes headlong into the reality of needing financial resources for such a move. You end up with a chicken-or-the-egg problem… What comes first: the move or the job?

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Telecommuting: No Longer a Remote Possibility

Telecommuting: No Longer a Remote Possibility

As any frazzled commuter will attest, having the option to telecommute—to work remotely home or any other location—is a major perk. Not only do you get to skip the daily rush hour commute, but you may also get extra flexibility in your work schedule. Need to transport your kids to soccer practice? No sweat. Have a dentist appointment? You’re there. Scared of the bug that’s going around the office? You’re safe.

All in all, telecommuting and remote work options can help you maintain a better work-life balance.

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Ep. 079: How to Choose a Second Act Career, with Nancy Collamer

How to Choose a Second Act Career with Nancy Collamer

Many people believe retirement means working until a certain age and then enjoying a life of leisure. The problem with this thinking, says this week’s guest expert, Nancy Collamer, is that most of us are facing the 40/30 dilemma. After working (only) 40 years in a full-time career, 30 years of retirement can be too many hours to fill, and too many years to fund.

That’s why Nancy urges people to make retirement more than just gardening, grandkids, and golfing. You can also use this time to explore a second act career.  A part-time job to supplement our income, or a volunteer position may be just what the doctor ordered.

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