Washington Nonprofits

Mac’s List is a proud business member of Washington Nonprofits. Members receive a $15 discount on the purchase of a single job posting with a limit of one per customer. (Visit the Washington Nonprofits member resources page for your discount code.)

As the state association for all nonprofits, Washington Nonprofits makes sure nonprofits have what they need to succeed through learning, advocacy, and collaboration. We envision a strong, united nonprofit sector that is a valued partner in creating thriving communities across Washington.

Washington Nonprofits helps nonprofits learn what they need to know to achieve their mission. It increases their influence with policymakers and philanthropy so that they have a place at the table when decisions are made. It connects nonprofits to people and resources so that they can focus on getting the job done.

Washington Nonprofits was founded in 2010 by a dedicated board working in partnership with philanthropy. Together these leaders recognize the importance of having an association watching the backs of nonprofits of all sizes across our vast state during a time of economic change. Washington Nonprofits continues to be inspired by our belief that nonprofits represent our democracy in action as people come together to make a difference.

  • Washington Nonprofits is Washington’s state association, a powerful connector of people within communities, across communities, and statewide. We are a proud member of the National Council of Nonprofits.
  • Washington Nonprofits is a learning organization inside and out, delivering high quality education to nonprofits while learning from them what it is going to take to improve the system in which they work.
  • Washington Nonprofits connects other organizations with a mission of serving nonprofits, filling gaps and piloting new programs in ways that expands reach and innovation.
  • Washington Nonprofits is inspired by our values to be generous, connective, and transformative.

Washington Nonprofits delivers on our mission through three main, integrated initiatives: learning programs, public policy, and engagement. Many of our state’s most effective nonprofits are members of Washington Nonprofits. Together we make sure nonprofits have what they need to succeed.