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Is your resume
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​Simple mistakes can be the difference between a resume that gets ignored and one that lands you a job interview. 

Mac Prichard

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A resume is the foundation of most job applications. It’s your sales pitch in print–your primary marketing document–for how you can solve problems and help employers.

Your resume may be the first place an employer ever sees your name. The contents within the document may be all a hiring manager has to judge whether they want to interview you.

A bad resume–one riddled with mistakes, fluff, and inconsequential information–can sink even the most qualified candidate.

That's why I created this worksheet, Don't Make These 8 Killer Resume Mistakes. In this free download, I'll show you the all-too-common mistakes I've seen job seekers make with their resumes. Avoid these eight killer errors and you're well on your way to a winning resume.

Download your free copy today and create a resume that lands you more interviews!

Don't Make These 8 Killer Resume Mistakes

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