Nonprofit Network of Southwest Washington

Mac’s List is a proud business member of the Nonprofit Network of Southwest Washington. Network members receive a $15 discount when posting on Mac’s List!

The Nonprofit Network of Southwest Washington builds community by strengthening nonprofits.

They contribute to the vitality of Southwest Washington by providing a framework of collaboration, learning and outreach for nonprofits. We do this by:

  • Providing affordable access to information and resources for nonprofit staffs, boards and volunteers.
  • Facilitating information sharing and collaborative work among nonprofits and their supporters.
  • Supporting the growth of civic engagement by connecting the caring public to nonprofits so they can donate, volunteer and better appreciate their community and neighbors.
  • Providing nonprofits the opportunity for strengthened voice and advocacy to amplify their impact in the community.

The Nonprofit Network is recognized for:

  • A history of delivering innovative, timely and quality programs and services at an affordable price.
  • Being thoughtfully responsive to the needs of our constituents and attentive to identifying emerging patterns indicating needs yet to be articulated.
  • Being uniquely positioned as a local resource concerned not only with increasing the capacity of nonprofits, but also the capacity the community.

The Nonprofit Network strives to design and implement programs with intention and purpose, regularly reviewing their offerings to ensure that they meet objectives of supporting improved outcomes for the nonprofits they serve.