Business for a Better Portland

Mac’s List is a proud member of Business for a Better Portland. Members receive a $15 discount on the purchase of a single job posting with a limit of one per customer.

Launched in 2016, Business for a Better Portland (BBPDX) is a new kind of business organization whose members believe that the health and prosperity of businesses depends on the health and prosperity of its citizens.

PPBDX forges collaborative relationships with the business community, non-profit organizations, and government. Rather than prescribe their own solutions, BBPDX and their members listen to community leaders to determine where our business voices can be most helpful to their essential work.

More about PPBDX, from the organization’s website:

Business for a Better Portland is no longer just a membership organization. We are a community of businesses, community members, and civic leaders who all share a goal of ensuring greater shared prosperity for Portland.

Our extensive strategic planning process in 2021 highlighted two important features of BBPDX: first, our greatest impact comes from our ability to connect business leaders to each other and to the ongoing efforts of civic and non-profit leaders. Second, Covid-19 accelerated what we already knew – that the work of BBPDX cannot be sustained by membership dues alone and that community members and philanthropic institutions are equally invested in our work towards greater shared prosperity.

A dual organizational approach can bring diverse resources and perspectives to our work. We are ultimately a convener of businesses, community members, and civic leaders dedicated to a Portland *that has* safe and efficient transportation, abundant affordable housing, and equitable economic opportunities.

This work is done through two distinct but complimentary entities – each supporting our mission and providing two avenues for engagement.