Meet Nichol Simpson, the new Account Executive at Mac’s List!


The Mac’s List team is growing! We’re excited to welcome Nichol Simpson as our new Account Executive here at Mac’s List!  Nichol will be managing the Mac’s List sales program and outreach with local employers. Her goal: to help our customers find great talent so they can grow their businesses and make a bigger impact in the community.

Nichol brings an impressive and diverse professional background to her new role. She has previously worked in the nonprofit sector, both as a development director and executive director. More recently, she has run her own business and managed sales for a rapidly growing toy company.

As with every new Mac’s List hire, Nichol’s first assignment is to introduce herself to the Mac’s List community. Below is a brief Q&A to help you learn more about our new teammate.

Tell us your Oregon story.

I was moving from San Francisco to Seattle when I received a job offer at a non-profit in Portland.  After an hour on the phone, I was convinced Portland was the place for me and I moved here, sight unseen!  That was 15 years ago and I continue to be amazed by the beauty, vibrancy, and character of this city.

What will you be doing at Mac’s List?

I will be Mac’s List first-ever Account Executive.  That means I get the pleasure of working with fabulous employers across Oregon and Washington. I’m looking forward to connecting, listening and supporting our employers in their search for high-quality, talented professionals.

Why did you want to work for Mac’s List? What most excites you about the job?

Simple: Mac’s List is awesome.  Over the last decade I’ve used Mac’s List to land jobs, hire staff, network in the community, improve my resume, and find a great volunteer opportunity.  Mac’s List has been a steady resource for my professional life and now I get to join a team of enthusiastic professionals dedicated to helping people find “work that matters.” 

What was your first job and what did it teach you?   

I worked at a tiny non-profit in my community in Maryland when I was a teenager; an emergency-relief fund focused on helping families with immediate needs – food, shelter, and safety.  It taught me key values that still resonate with me today: humility, compassion and determination. It also highlighted the importance of working in a mission-based environment.

What’s the best career advice you ever received?

“Sometimes you need to slow down to go fast.”  I learned long ago, I need to take time to pause and reflect on what brings me joy, how I can be of service to my community and how to adapt my natural skill set.  When you (re)discover your passion, an intentional path can naturally unfold.

What’s your top job search tip?

Network.  Network. Network. You will be amazed at how many jobs are available that you didn’t even know existed.  When you share your enthusiasm with your contacts and your community, they will work enthusiastically to help you find your desired job.

What do you do outside of work?

A lot of reading – evenly split between novels and self help – John Irving’s “Last Night in Twisted River” and Brene Brown’s “Rising Strong” are my current reads.  I also love cooking – I’m delving into all plant-based menus for the Fall.  And hanging out with my family is always a good time, but with two teenagers, I don’t always win out over their social calendar.  And finally, my favorite activity is travel, especially if sun and sand are involved!

Dogs or Cats?

Hmmm – goldfish??  


You’ll be seeing Nichol as she does customer outreach and represents Mac’s List with the local business community. In the meantime, learn more about Nichol’s background by connecting with her on LinkedIn.