Mac’s List and Boly:Welch Partner to Promote Portland Jobs


In July 2017, Mac’s List launched a new partnership with Boly:Welch, a premier recruitment and personnel consulting firm in Portland. As part of this partnership, Mac’s List now includes all new employment opportunities available through Boly:Welch.

This means you’ll be seeing even more high quality, well-paying jobs on The List.

Boly:Welch provides direct-hire, temp-t0-hire, and temporary placement services to many of the Oregon’s top employers, with a focus on accounting, financial services, human resources, legal services, office management, marketing, sales, operations, and executive management.  These are the kinds of employers and opportunities that contribute to great careers.

There’s also significant value-alignment between Mac’s List and Boly:Welch. Both companies are certified B Corporations, independently certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

At Mac’s List, we post job listings from companies we know and trust, and Boly:Welch has the same standards. This partnership will help local professionals find the best job openings faster, so you can spend less time searching online and invest more in putting together great applications, networking and interviewing for your dream job.