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Successful Project Management: Doing More with Less

Location: Ecotrust (Downtown Portland)
Date: 6/1/2017

Jeff Oltmann, Division of Management, Oregon Health & Science University

You use projects every day in your work-- to improve a core service, kick off a new initiative, or just get things done. Especially in this time of uncertain funding, your projects must do more with less, and you can’t afford for them to fail. Yet most projects do fail, many because of easily avoidable project management mistakes. This practical workshop shows you the foundational techniques of running successful projects. You will learn key project management concepts, then immediately apply them to real projects during the workshop. Learn how to start projects on firm foundations, create realistic plans, and monitor and steer projects until they reach successful conclusions.

Participants in this workshop will be able to:

- Explain how to use projects to help you achieve your goals
- Lead a project through the four standard steps that bring order to chaos
- Recognize common causes of project success and failure
- Get a project off to a good start using chartering
- Plan a project, including the fundamentals of creating a realistic schedule
- Balance competing priorities within a project
- Monitor project progress and make course corrections where necessary

$85 NAO Members
$115 Nonmembers

Contact or 503-239-4001 ext. 123 if you are having difficulties registering.

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