May 16, 2019

Portland Hiring Trends 2019: Understanding The Local Healthcare Job Market

A career in healthcare can bring stability, opportunities for growth, and a chance to improve people’s lives in a meaningful way. If that sounds like a dream job, there’s good news: Portland’s healthcare industry is thriving, and hiring! If you want to find your career fit in the local healthcare landscape, join Mac’s List and Concordia University for a networking event and discussion about hiring in the local healthcare sector. We’ll discuss the job opportunities and hiring trends in the healthcare industry, and learn new ways for local professionals to start and grow careers in healthcare in 2019. Our panel of local experts will share their insights from the field and attendees will discover new and different avenues you can take in a healthcare career, from becoming a practitioner to using your transferable skills to move into administration, management, HR, human services, marketing, and more.