Public Involvement Coordinator

We are growing our team! At JLA Public Involvement, we are always on the lookout for kind, smart, creative problem-solvers who excel at getting the job done. Our team is driven by our purpose — to create meaningful and exceptionally effective public processes for public agencies that lead to better outcomes for the communities they serve.If you have more than a few of the skills and strengths below — and especially if you’re looking for a chance to reach out to the public to address public infrastructure solutions, public policies, and a variety of quality-of-life “public goods” (rather than selling individual consumer goods) — why not put them to use at JLA? Skills that are always in high demand on our projects*: Writing and editing, especially translating technical jargon into a more natural communication style. An eye for data visualization, information layout, and graphic design. We often use a client’s style guidelines (and the Adobe suite) to make an invitation or handout that people really “get” — and we regularly create public information materials to share project messages, maps, data, and other information in a format that will be useful and eye-catching.Web publishing, using content management systems and online tools to produce and update websites, surveys and mass emails.Analytical skills, using Excel and other tools to find and highlight trends and patterns in what citizens tell us. We may need to take comments, ideas, and suggestions from hundreds of comment forms or an online survey and share themes in a quick presentation and summary.Kindness and good will toward stakeholders – neighbors, business owners, commuters, ratepayers, taxpayers, those who benefit, and those who feel they will be negatively affected by a public project. Our role is to make space in the process for all who may be affected by how public agencies address community issues and develop potential solutions. Listening to learn and find common ground. Everyone wants healthy, safe, and productive communities, but that means different things to different people. Our role is to convey accurate and timely information about a project or a process and be clear about how public input can influence decisions. Approach your work through an equity lens. Be open and understand the need to consider and tailor outreach to engage marginalized and under-served individuals and communities. Do you have experience working with diverse communities? Working with interpreters? Or speak multiple languages? Problem-solving on the fly. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, but we work together to address changes. We make plans to implement our work, but we know that sometimes good plans need to be updated. Organized and detail-oriented to develop and follow meeting plans or work plans within a broader program with deadlines and work with internal team members as we balance projects, budgets, staff, and resources to do our best for our clients and the communities they serve.Speed and accuracy in taking notes, pulling together contact lists from many sources, and keeping them up to date.Just enough muscle to load up easels, display boards, AV equipment and such, and take them wherever they’re needed for meeting and events. If you don’t have this physical ability, let us know. It takes all types for us to have a winning team of people to get the job done.Knowledge of programs and various digital tools (we don’t expect one candidate to have all this knowledge; let us know what you can do or learn): Adobe Creative Cloud, Survey Monkey, MailChimp, comfort with simple database management, Smartsheets or other management tracking tools, blog software, Adobe Suite, comfort with Photoshop and the ability to perform image formatting and optimization for web, familiarity with basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for updating websites, a “vague” understanding of what the following terms mean (with regard to website development): responsive design; jQuery; Bootstrap; PHP.*We do not expect any one person to be a master in all the skills listed above.JLA Public Involvement is a Portland-based firm that specializes in helping public agencies reach out to communities and stakeholders, to create time and venues to listen and learn from real people during planning, design and (sometimes) construction of publicly funded projects and programs. Our clients are cities, counties, regional and state agencies, parks and school districts, and more — all of them researching, planning, and designing solutions to make life better for the people they serve.Frequently our work includes designing and facilitating public meetings and events where we:Encourage the public to attend an event, in person or online, to learn and give input at key milestonesHelp them understand what is being discussedDocument what they tell us Communicate the public’s input to our clients, to working committees, to decision makers in ways they can use to inform the process and future decisionsThat’s not all we do, but it hints at why we need Project Coordinators with broad, deep skills. How to apply:If you are interested in bringing your skills to our team, please send a cover letter, a one- or two-page resume, and any work samples (optional) that show your strengths to Position is open until filled. JLA is growing, so we may hire more than one person. Work hours: 35 – 40 hours per week, some evenings or weekends for public events and meetingsPay range: Dependent upon work experience and technical skills, likely $21 – 29/hourBenefits: JLA offers a full range of benefits, including health insurance, paid vacation, cafeteria plan, short and long-term disability, retirement plan, professional development opportunities.