Oregon ECHO Network Project Manager

The Oregon ECHO Network (OEN) is a program within the Oregon Rural Practice-Based Research Network (ORPRN). Project ECHO is a telementoring model that supports clinicians, clinical teams, and other healthcare professionals to expand their skills and knowledge in areas they would typically refer to specialty care. The OEN serves as a statewide utility for ECHO programs and services. The OEN provides ECHO programs in both a subscription model and on a contractual basis to health systems, health plans and insurers, medical associations, and other organizations looking to offer ECHO programming and services.The Oregon ECHO Network Project Manager will work closely with the Oregon ECHO Network Program Manager and the Oregon ECHO Network team. This position collaborates with specialist teams to plan and develop ECHO programs from the proposal stage through implementation. This position leads the specialist teams through the program and curriculum development process and ensures project deadlines are achieved.Responsibilities include:Project designProject managementAcademic disseminationData compilation and analysisORPRN is an independent research network housed within OHSU. ORPRN works statewide with a focus on improving health outcomes for all Oregonians through community engaged conversation, practice facilitation, coaching, education and research.