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How To Talk About Yourself in an Interview

​Every interview has one inevitable question: "Tell me about yourself." Here's how to approach that question effectively.

No matter what stage of the interview process you're in, you're bound to encounter one universal question. "Tell me about yourself." This may seem like a simple question on the surface and nothing more than a pleasant icebreaker. But the way you answer this one question can set the course for how the remainder of the interview is conducted.

We talked with Katherine Burik, partner at the Interview Doctor, to put together a comprehensive FREE guide: How To Talk About Yourself in an Interview. This guide breaks down in detail:

  • How to answer this question
  • Why you always need to be authentic in an interview
  • Why research is the foundation of any good interview
  • How to convert an interview into a conversation 

These insights will help you find success in any interview environment. Download your free copy today and start acing this interview question!

how to talk about yourself in an interview

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