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50 Most Common Interview Questions

Walking into an interview prepared is the best way to ensure you'll walk out with a job offer. We've gathered the top 50 questions most employers will ask you in an interview, so you can wow your future employer.

Your interview is going great...until the hiring manager asks you a question you didn't anticipate. You're completely stumped and find yourself blurting out a jumbled answer. Now, your confidence is gone and you're left agonizing over your answer after the interview.

There's a better way to ensure you're prepared for every interview question you face. We've compiled the 50 Most Common Interview Questions that you'll likely encounter in your discussions with future employers. These 50 questions touch on everything employers are interested in: your background, your goals, how you handle pressure, your interests and more. 

The more prepared you are going into an interview, the more confident you'll be during the interview. And that confidence will translate into well-constructed interview answers and a higher probability that you'll get a job offer! So don't fear the interview, walk in prepared and confident knowing your answers to the 50 Most Common Interview Questions.

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50 most common interview questions

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