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Know how (and when)
to talk about money.

The topic of salary is always tricky. You want to know how much the job will pay but you don't want to appear too demanding. Here's my quick guide for navigating the subject.

Mac Prichard

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Most people work, at least in part, for the paycheck. Even if you absolutely love your job, you still want to get paid for the work you’re doing.

And yet, salary is one of the most mysterious—almost taboo—topics in the hiring process. Employers and job seekers perform a kind of dance. Each side probing the other for information without ever putting all their cards on the table. 

It’s a frustrating situation for everyone involved.

In this How to Talk About Salary in an Interview I show you how you can navigate the touchy subject of compensation in your next job interview. You’ll learn:

  • How to research your market value before the interview.
  • How to respond when an employer asks about your salary expectations.
  • How you can tactfully bring up the topic of salary.

Download your free copy of How to Talk About Salary in an Interview to learn the lingo and remove discomfort when discussing salary.

How to Talk About Money in an Interview

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