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Everything you need to find a meaningful job and build a rewarding career! 

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Do you ask yourself:

Why is the Portland job market so competitive?
How do I find a well paying, engaging job in Portland?
What can I do to stand out from other applicants?
How do I learn about jobs that are never publicly posted?
How do I get started in a new field?

We have the answers!

Save yourself time, money and sanity!
Land Your Dream Job helps you every step of the way.


Portland's hidden job market and other unposted jobs


yourself in Portland's professional scene


a cover letter, resume and LinkedIn profile that wows


and negotiate like a pro to find the job & salary you want


with confidence that builds rewarding relationships 


your career to remain current and relevant for the long term

Nathan PerezCo-author, The 20-Minute Networking Meeting

There are many components to a job search, and Land Your Dream Job hits all of them. An excellent A-Z guide from self-evaluation to job interviewing to choosing a career path, this has something for everyone—and everything for someone who doesn’t know where to begin. Start here!

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The Mac's List Story

Mac Prichard

Mac’s List has been connecting established, new, and aspirational Oregonians to rewarding work for decades. We’ve learned the secrets to finding work in Portland and we’re ready to share them with you.

Mac Prichard started Mac's List in 2001 with a single email to share job opportunities with friends. By 2016, his list has grown to more that 24,000 email recipients, and a website that connects 80,000+ readers each month.

Mac and his team understand the competitive Portland job market and know how you can set yourself apart to get the job you want.

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Tamara Murray Author, Awesome Supervisory Skills

Land Your Dream Job in Portland (and Beyond) is everything you could possibly need to set a career goal and market yourself, with lessons that’ll stick with you your entire career.

Make your career take flight!

You have two choices: 

Stay stuck in a job you don't like
or let us guide 
you to a better workplace.

Continue to send out applications and receive no response
or let us show you a different solution.

Trust us. We’ve been there. We’ve done that.
Let us help you avoid those mistakes.

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Russell Terry, PhDReader

I wish I could send a copy of this guide to my younger self: it explains everything I needed to know!

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