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Ace a Job Interview with Body Language

60% of communication is nonverbal. That's why it's so important to make sure your body language is on point during any interview you have.  

Many job seekers focus so much on prepping the perfect interview answers, they forget one essential component of the interview: body language.

Slouching, yawning, or a weak handshake could all be small signals you send nonverbally to the hiring manager that you're not interested in the job position you're interviewing for. These small signals add up. As a result, if you're not communicating confidence with your body language, you could lose out on a job. That's why we created this FREE guide, Ace a Job Interview with Body Language

We talked with behavioral expert Vanessa Van Edwards, who's the owner of Science of the People, a human behavior research lab. In this free guide, we will help you master the perfect handshake, practice "confidence cues," learn why nonverbal communication is so essential, and learn how to practice open body language.

Download your free copy today to ace any job interview and perfect your nonverbal communication skills!

ace a job interview with body language

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